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Jul 19, 2011 12:11 PM

One more restaurant please!

Thanks to all the Chowhounders who have been helping me with my visit to Montreal! So far I have the following meals set up:

Fri dinner at Le Mas des Oliviers or Brasserie T (both near the hotel and we will get to Montreal near dinner time)
Sat dim sum lunch at Kam Fung
Sat dinner at APDC
Sun brunch at Lemeac

I need one last restaurant for Sun dinner and would appreciate suggestions! Also, would you change any of the above restaurants? Thanks!

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  1. maybe a resto in old montreal like the new bremner (seafood), or chasse et peche if either are open on sundays, this way you have covered more areas of the city!

    1. You should have reservations for the dinners (if you don't already) - Brasserie T is very busy in the summers, and APDC is always busy...

      1. For Sunday you might consider Laloux a deluxe Montrreal style bistro.or the rather unique and fun Spanish/Basque Pintxo both on the southern edge of the Plateau district not far from the downtown core.

        BTW: You should make reservations for Lemeac's brunch; it is popular!

        1. How about Schwartz's for Montreal smoked meat or a good steak? It's a hole in the wall, but certainly one of Montreal's unique restaurants.

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            This is great! Thanks to all! And yes, I've already made my reservations, thx!