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Jul 19, 2011 11:36 AM

Help me choose brunches

My FIL is planning on taking a group of us out to brunch for my MIL's birthday this Sunday 7/24. The group consists of 4 adults (one with a gluten allergy), 3 yr old, and 3 month old. His choices so far have been Mendenhall Inn, Concordville Inn, Georges' on the Main Line, Farmer's Daughter at Normandy, and Na Brasa in Horsham.

He is leaning more towards Georges' as he thinks pricier is better, and mainly bc it's a Perrier establishment. I have suggested Farmer's Daughter but have never been. I've had Georges' brunch before and didn't really think it was that great to begin with at all, even though it is voted best of the main line. Na Brasa was thrown in for the gluten free aspect. Mendenhall/Concordville was thrown in for relative distance from our homes, and the in laws have been to them for Easter/Mother's Day brunches.

His goal is $35-40/pp without going to the city. It must be buffet and not a la carte. Kid friendly and gluten allergy aware a plus. Any better suggestions or reviews on these brunches? We are located in Delaware County, more towards the Villanova/Bryn Mawr area.

Much appreciated

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  1. Unless the Farmer's Daughter has improved a lot... I would avoid. The original chef that was doing the concept has already left. The review from Laban gave was less than flattering.. and the brunch is a buffet for 25.95... not sure if your gluten conscious DC would be able to get be satiated.

    1. I have not been here for brunch..but I was also thinking the White Dog Cafe..they opened on Rt 30 near Villanova. There brunch menu looked really good a couple of months ago..and right now it is probably filled with great seasonal produce!

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        I have suggested White Dog Cafe, along with Silverspoon which both are in Wayne. FIL being stubborn will only do buffet style brunch and not a la carte.

        I'll try and push White Dog, as I've heard alot of good things about the place (which I assume is ran the same way as their UC location)

        1. re: paychecktoday

          how about hotel fiesole in skippack....have heard nice things about sunday brunch and it is a pretty setting and shops to walk around after!

          1. re: ilovesummer

            After figuring out where to go, most likely we will be heading to fiesole in skippack. The brunch menu looks intriguing along with how nice the place looks on their website. The added bonus of shops and places to walk around is also nice.

            Since this will be my first time in the Skippack area, any notable places to go afterwards? I'm sure they will probably want to shop and maybe get a dessert or coffee if they don't stuff themseleves silly.

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              cute little floral/gift shop called FLORAL & HARDY, PA TRADITIONs (antiques and primitive), ARTISAN"S NEST (great jewelry and other unique things), THE BUTLER"S PANTRY (cooking items)....hope you enjoy your day! As I said...I have never had brunch at Fiesole.....but some reviews of their brunch look good...

          2. re: paychecktoday

            Brunch at White Dog was lovely, especially their sweet potato pancakes. If you don't want a buffet, I'd recommend it.

            1. re: paychecktoday

              My experiences at the White Dog have been basically good. As a dog lover even I was a bit overwhelmed by the omnipresent dog paintings, prints etc. Good service, good beer selections and my food, just a burger and salad, were good enough to not exclude a return. Never been to the brunch. Not sure about the association with the (once wonderful no in decline) UC location. If Skippack is in the mix also consider Parc Bistro for brunch/check first. Hotel Fiesole is a great little boutique hotel, recently good comments on brunch.

              1. re: Bacchus101

                Unfortunately, I don't think Parc Bistro has a brunch buffet...but rather order from menu! Parc Bistro is always good...just don't think it meets your FIL's requirement this time

                1. re: Bacchus101

                  UC White Dog and Mainline White Dog are owned by the same restaurant group headed by Marty Grims. I believe they run the Mosholu too. Judy Wicks sold it in 2009.

            2. How about the William Penn in Ambler? The buffet is $25 a person and the select looks nice.


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              1. re: obx_nancy

                just my opinion....but the Wm Penn Buffet has gone WAY DOWNHILL in recent years!! Used to be a really special occasion place....not so much anymore! just my opinion tho!

                1. re: ilovesummer

                  I have to agree with you! When people suggest we go there for brunch I cringe. I went to a graduation brunch and left hungry because the food was terrible.