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Jul 19, 2011 11:18 AM

Hungry 11 year olds wanting best Deep Dish in Gray Lake Libertyville or Linconshire

I am bringing 12 very hungry boys and families to the Chicago area and are looking at staying the area of Linconshire.

Looking for the best Deep Dish Pizza in the area or any other great Chicago restaurants for the group.

Lastly, if we were only able to get to one restaruant in Chicago proper - for this age category - which would you suggest?


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  1. Are you planning to eat the pizza in the restaurant, or get them carried out or delivered to eat elsewhere?

    To eat in the restaurant, I'd go to Lou Malnati's in Buffalo Grove, which is next to Lincolnshire. Lou Malnati's also has locations in Libertyville and Third Lake (Grayslake), but those two are carry-out and delivery only.

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    1. re: nsxtasy

      Yes am trying to find a place that can accomodate 25-30. Malnati's if full and as Saturday is their bussiest night - not likely.

      I have looked at the Silo or Ferenitino's which are towards Libertyville. Thoughts?

      1. re: lfrancolini905

        I would call to see if they have a party room you can reserve.

        Malnati's Lou Pizzeria
        85 S Buffalo Grove Rd, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

          1. re: lfrancolini905

            The wait time on deep dish can be lengthy. I would not want a bunch of hungry boys clamoring for pizza and having to wait more than 40 minutes. I believe it's possible to pre-order. Nsxtasy will know more about this. I'm not a big pizza eater, but did lots of these group dinners when my boys were young...they can get rambunctious!

            1. re: dulcie54

              Since you'll have a group of 25-30 people, I'm pretty sure the restaurant will (a) let you use a private party room if they have one, and (b) ask you ahead of time for your pizza order. That's standard procedure for groups that large.

              You may have to wait for your pizza, though, but it shouldn't feel terribly long. It's a bit different with a very large group from ordering a pizza for a single table in the restaurant. When you just have one or two pizzas, they usually throw them in the oven before you're there, so they're ready at the time you specify. With pizza for a group of 25-30, they may wait for someone from the group to start arriving (just so they can be sure the entire group isn't going to be late), and at that point they get started on the hot food. The pizza cooks while everyone gets seated and starts on drinks and any appetizers, which can take a while for that many people (even if they're just pitchers of soft drinks). It really shouldn't take terribly long.

              Incidentally, the Gino's East in Libertyville has some party packages shown on their website at (which makes me believe they probably have a private party room at that location).

    2. You could try Gino's East in Libertyville:

      Gino's East
      820 S. Milwaukee Ave.
      Libertyville IL

      You could also try Giordano's in Buffalo Grove. Theirs is not the traditional single-crust "pizza in the pan" like Malnati's; instead, it's the double-crust "stuffed pizza". I think they're both great. And you're going to be limited to places that can accommodate your size group on the date you want.

      270 N. McHENRY RD.
      BUFFALO GROVE, IL 60089
      Phone: 847-520-1600

      1. I would go with the Silo.