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Jul 19, 2011 09:56 AM

What's good on the east side of Columbus?

I'll be in Columbus OH soon, and while I grew up there, I'm not sure what's good to eat these days. Anyone have any good meals on the east side, Gahanna/New Albany area? Any restaurants in Easton worth checking out?

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  1. At Easton you might want to check out Cafe Istanbul.

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    1. re: kura kura

      I had a really nice meal there on my last visit to Columbus, actually -- really decent Turkish food!

    2. Sooo... I'm guessing "not much" is the answer?

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      1. re: Boston_Otter has a map and some great information if you're looking for international cuisine.

        I've yet to visit, but an Indian colleague of mine speaks very highly of Temptations Indian Cuisine in Reynoldsburg:

      2. Piada Italian Street Food opened on E Main in Bexley. It's pretty good for the price. Operated by the people who own Brio/Bravo.

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        1. re: Diane in Bexley

          There's also one in Stoneridge Plaza in Gahanna -- I think it replaced Potbelly. I've heard good things and will try it next time I'm out there.

        2. To answer my own post, I had a very nice meal at Tora, near Stoneridge Plaza in Gahanna/New Albany. It's a Korean-run sushi/steak place with a surprisingly huge menu spanning sushi, Korean specialties, Japanese noodles, steak, and fettucini alfredo (?). I shared the "scotty 3 roll", a deep-fried crab/tuna roll with spicy tobiko, and had their house special fried rice (filled with crab and topped with a fried egg) with bulgogi -- really excellent. I was really impressed by the atmosphere, service, and presentation -- my mom got a "choose three" lunch special, which was presented beautifully for just being a lunch special, and my dad had his first bento box. Definitely worth visiting.

          Also good stops on that side of town: Istanbul (previously mentioned), Northstar Cafe, and Cap City Diner, who served me one of the best pieces of meatloaf I've ever had. Abuelo's, in Easton, was a great place to take a little kid, but they also served me the nastiest carnitas pork ever, so a half-hearted nod to them.