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Jul 19, 2011 08:58 AM

Mediterrean in Vegas

Coming to Vegas first week in August, wondering if there are any reasonable (under $100/pp) places close by the Strip? thanks.

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  1. There is a Greek restaurant at The Cosmopolitan, Estiatorio Milos. Never been but I've read good things.

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      Have never been to Milo's in Las Vegas, but I have been to their restaurant in Montreal. It's a wonderful place...pristinely fresh whole fish is their specialty, but it's quite expensive in Montreal, and I can't imagine that it would be less so in LV. Eating for less than $100PP with drinks, wine and tip will probably be difficult.

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        I think it might be doable. Their pre and post theater prix-fixe four course meal is $49/pp. Most of their entrees seem to range between $30-$60, with some lower and some higher. But if that seems too pricey, their lunch prix-fixe is only $20.11.

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          We did the $20.11 3-course meal at Milos in May and thought it was an amazing value. Here are my comments from my trip report:

          The restaurant is large, open and very impressive, but the day was too perfect to sit inside so we opted for the semi enclosed patio that overlooks the Strip and CityCenter. We received grilled bread along with EVO to start. We then shared the Xortopita appetizer (housemade phyllo stuffed with greens, herbs, feta, Greek yogurt and salumi). Our second appetizer was a Greek meze plate that was truly “amezing”; four spreads (taramasalata, tzatziki, htipita and manouri cheese) along with a stuffed grape leaf, olives and cherry tomatoes. Each spread was delicious, but the spicy hitipitia, made from roasted red pepper, feta and other tasty delights, was pure joy.

          My wife chose the Honjake salmon which was a bit underdone to suit her taste, but delicious while I opted for the whole lavraki, a farm raised sea bass known in Italy as branzini or branzino, which was finished simply with EVO and capers. The finale of the feast was a slice of walnut cake and a delicious yogurt martini, Greek yogurt topped candied oranges. Service throughout our meal was perfect and one of the chefs stopped by our table a few times to make sure we were enjoying our meal and answer any of our questions.

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            I think your pictures pretty much sealed the deal that I will be giving them a try next time I'm in Vegas.