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Jul 19, 2011 07:38 AM

Hanger steak - marinate vs rub? for charcoal grill

Hey all,

I've cooked hanger before but have done so in the way I do skirt. My skirt gets marinated in garlic and lime with the lime softening up the connective tissure. Plus it tastes great when done right, like the steaks I've had at cuban places.

But hanger being so tasty, if I just do salt and pepper will it be too tough? Should I use a tenderizer? Is there a marinade that will intrude less on the beefy flavor?

I may just do a thick salt and peppered sirloin instead if I dont have the time to marinate.


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  1. Keep it as simple as possible, salt'n'pepper.

    Finish/serve with a dollop of flavored butter.

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    1. re: Maximilien

      so hanger isn't too chewy like un-marinated skirt?

      1. re: 2slices

        I do simple S&P on any good steak, including skirt and hangar. Don't mess with the flavor of good beef. The only time I get fancy with a steak is on the rare occasions I do tenderloin - it's tender but needs help so as not to taste too bland.

        The exception being my spicy steak tips, which I marinate in tamari, ginger and cayenne - but that's for kick, not for tenderness.

    2. I wouldn't marinate. Definitely no tenderizer. It's very similar to flat iron steak. Very flavorful. Not "tender" like sirloin, but not unpleasantly tough.