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Jul 19, 2011 06:25 AM

Copenhagen, Berlin & Prague - leaving Friday 7/22

Heading to Copenhagen, Berlin & Prague, starting this Friday 7/22. I have done research and think the itinerary is coming together. Obviously things change as you travel, but I like to have a base plan in place even if we deviate from it.

Would love to get opinions/recommendations based on what I have outlined below. Main focus is best food for the best price. Not looking for any fine dining experiences. Want a range of restaurants, cafes, street food to keep things interesting. Although I want to try the local cuisine, it doesn't have to be every meal in each city. Let me know; thanks!


Day 1:
Lunch - Bio Mio
Dinner - Nørrebro Bryghus

Day 2:
Morning Coffe - Estate Coffee
Brunch -Nyhavns Faergekro
Snacks - Kafferiet & Poslevogn hot dogs
Dinner - FIAT

Day 3:
Breakfast - ? (suggestions near Tivoli Gardens)
Lunch - Riz Raz or Food Shop no. 55, depending on where we are
Dinner - ? Madklubben Bistro


Day 4:
Flying in the am
Quick bite - Looking for reliable Doner near Postdamer Platz?!?
Coffee & Cake - Cafe Einstein
Late dinner - Dos Palillos

Day 5:
Brunch - A. Horn & explore Kreuzberg
Breakfast - Bonanza Coffee Heroes
Lunch - Schoenbrunn (pizza & beer on outdoor terrace
Dinner - ? (Shneeweiss or Nota or...)


Day 6:
am train
Lunch - The Strahov Monastic Brewery
Dinner - LOKAL? Looking for somewhere outdoors and low-key

Day 7:
Breakfast - Kavárna Obecní dům
Lunch - Wenceslas Sausage Stands
Dinner - Restaurant & Hotel U Medvidku or Pivovarsky Klub?

Day 8:
Breakfast - Bakeshop Praha
Lunch - Jan Paukert
Dinner - Sick of czech food at this point? so..Artisan Restaurant & Cafe or Aromi?

Day 9:
Breakfast - wherever we want to go again before we leave!

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  1. Just found out Dos Palillos is closed through August 8, so we won't be going there. Bummer. Any other ideas?

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      There are no places that do 'the same' thing... what is your budget, and are you fixated on Asian-style tapas?

      Instead of Schneeweiss or Noto (if that's what you meant), I'd head to Renger-Patzsch or Weinbar Rutz.

      Not sure if you're staying in Xberg or near Potsdamer Platz, but Döner will be hard to come by at PP.

      Noi Quattro is a fantastic modern Italian restaurant near Südstern.

      1. re: linguafood

        Asian-style tapas is not a must. Was going for the experience and quality. We were planning to spend 45€-5o€ a person and that was for the tasting menu so definitely looking at that as the ceiling.

        I did mean Noto and think that is out because it is a set menu without a choice, correct? And I think my husband (athough adventurous) needs at least an option of what he wants to eat.

        Staying near Postdamer Platz. Will look up your three recs now (Renger-Patzsch, Weinbar Rutz and Noi Quattro).

        So no Doner in PP...where is one to go for something fast and good? Really only place to go are chains? Any not half-bad?

        Thanks for the Berlin advice!

        Would love others to chime in for Prague/Copenhagen advice as well.

        1. re: iatethebean

          Weinbar Rutz has a 3 & 4 course surprise menu for 39/49 Euro, respectively. I'm still trying to decide whether to celebrate my wedding anniversary there or at Noi Quattro....

          I think you might be confusing Noto with Them Roc. Noto has a menu of various appetizers, mains, and one dessert (I think) to choose from.

          Their spare ribs are nice, but probably not up to par for any red-blooded American, and the food is a bit overpriced; also, the service is pretty lame.

          Them Roc -- good luck getting a reservation. I left several msgs on their voice mail & never heard back. Plenty of other places to choose from.

          If you're heading over to Schöneberg (not sure how long you're staying, but the Saturday market on Winterfeldtplatz is the BEST market in town) or Kreuzberg, Hasir would be the way to go. I'm partial to dürüm döner, which is more of a lavash kinda bread, all neatly wrapped around the goodness.

          Also, nearby is Berkis, a Greek place that serves excellent gyros pita. Last but not least, Habibi on Winterfeldtplatz is THE best falafel in town.

          On PP, you could check out weiland's wellfood - decent salads & stir fries for not much money, and healthy '-)

    2. We were in Copenhagen in May. I'm not familiar with your lunch or dinner choices, but for breakfast near Tivoli, we stayed at the Radisson SAS and found a couple of places we liked near the gardens. There is a branch of Lakagehuset (sp?) directly across the street from the main entrance to Tivoli. They have locations all over town and seem popular. Wide variety of pastries and good coffee. Around the corner from the main entrance, in the Nimb hotel, is Andersen Bakery - similar. We grabbed pastries and coffee at one of these every morning before starting our day.

      Other lunch thoughts - we fell in love with danish sandwiches and really liked Canal Kafeen, Schonneman's, and Pilikaelderen. Aamman's also seems to be very popular, but we didn't make it.

      You mention Norrebro Bryghus - we didn't make it there. If you like beer, though, you might look for a small place called Mikeller, off Vesterboro, a little west of Tivoli - maybe a 5 or 10 minute walk.

      1. I didn't eat at U Medvidku but I have to say it seemed very very touristy when I poked my head in. The first thing they hit you with is a gift shop. I can respect their history but I found that annoying, plus the main dining room was very bright and full of tourists. I'm not shy about my love, however, of U Zlateho Tygra, but then I am a masochist. If you want both a meal AND a challenge, go there and try to get a seat. Also their beer is amazing.

        I have a very long recap of our recent trip here: http://www.chow.com/topics/779519 that includes links to many many pictures.

        (And I also highly recommend Strahov Pivovar and Lokal, both awesome, and each visited twice by us during our visit)

        1. In Prague both locations of Lokal are good but neither has any outdoor seating that I remember seeing anywhere, but it is definately low key and with outstanding food. The one in Josef is far bigger than the location just off the Charles bridge and would give it my nod.

          For outdoor Les Moules (obviously not Czech) is great for people watching in the Josef district and has a very good selection of moules and other seafood, which is not terribly common in CZ.

          1. Looks like you're leaving tomorrow. Have a great trip and report back!