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Jul 19, 2011 01:46 AM

Artisinal Foods

Has anybody been to this gourmet store, and if so any, any recommendations about what to get there?

Last year, I read a profile about Brett Ottolenghi, the precocious owner of the store, in New Yorker' Magazine's Annals of Gastronomy issue but it focused more on his wholesale efforts to supply the top chefs in Las Vegas so I'm curious about his retail store even though its located further away by the Airport.

And, since the gist of the article was about what it was like to supply top chefs in Vegas for whom money is no object, does that mean that the prices are going to be extradionarly high?

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  1. I've been a couple of times, bought fennel pollen, black garlic etc. You can buy the harder to find stuff there, foie gras, bottarga. Yes, it costs but sometimes you have no other option than online merchants.

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      I must have read the same interview, but I thought it came off as a pretentious poseur.

      He made a big deal of 'educating' chefs but you looking at his website, its not like he does much to do other than a few percursory attempts. And, things like Oritz anchovies and La Tourangelle walnut oils are good products but you can find them elsewhere like at Whole Foods for the same price or cheaper. So, it doesn't like you're getting wholesale prices at the store.

      1. re: naggie

        What hours are they open? It's not on their website or yelp page.

    2. Wow; this and Batali's closed market may warrant a trip.