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Jul 18, 2011 11:23 PM

Where to eat in and around Paestum?

We'll be in Paestum for 2 nights in October.

Looking for recommendations on where to have dinner and possibly a lunch near the ruins.

We also plan on visiting some of the farms which produce buffalo mozzarella so any advice on that would be appreciated.


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  1. definitely visit vannulo mozzarella farm - the best mozzarella and you can see how they make it, see the buffalo, etc.

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    1. re: vinoroma

      Thanks, we will check it out!

      Restaurant recommendations anyone?

      1. re: wired2theworld

        This is the farm we visited a few years ago; Vannulo is much more renowned but the cheese here was superb, so linking just to complete:

        1. re: wired2theworld

          Da Nonna Sceppa in Capaccio Scalo, not far form Paestum, by the sea, is excellent.

          Da Nonna Sceppa
          Via Laura, 53, Capaccio Scalo, Campania 84047, IT

          1. re: bob96

            I read about the restaurant in the Capalbo Campania guide (she calls it the best in the area) and am glad to have Bob concur.

            Bob: Do you happen to know if this is quite close to the Vannulo farm?

            1. re: erica

              About 3 km--Vannulo is just east of SS18, Da Nonna, west by the sea and both in Capaccio. Both apparently at the same cross road.

              1. re: bob96

                Thanks, Bob. I am also headed to that general area (late September) and will try to work both into my itinerary. (based in Sta Maria di Castellabate for 2 days)

                1. re: erica

                  Santa Maria di C is our home base in the Cilento; we stay at the small Albergo il Castello up in the centro storico, where Franca's staff prepare amazing meals with superb local ingredients. The dining room is open, I think, to non-residents, and worth a query. Late September is a great time to visit--the dried white Cilento figs are delicious.

            2. re: bob96

              It believe this is where we ate on our visit as well. they have both land and sea dishes but the best food I saw when we were there in a March visit were glistening fresh seafood platters. the restaurant is a very short drive from the scavi

              There eare other restuarants in the area - if you click on Da Nonna Sceppa to the right and then on the button for find nearby restaurants a list will appear.

              Da Nonna Sceppa
              Via Laura, 53, Capaccio Scalo, Campania 84047, IT

        2. Call vanullo before you go they only make a certain amount of mozzarella per day, they have a web site as well. I know people like Pugliese burratta, but try theirs. Riva Bianca is also good right by vanullo,if you can't get Vanullo. They also sell gelato made from the bufala milk.
          Also try to drink as much Luigi Maffini wine,they are especially good with the food down there. They are located near Castelabate I believe. Have a great trip, been down there many times and always fun and interesting.

          1. Thanks for all the recommendations! I will look out for all the places recommended for mozzarella. I would really like to try the gelato made with buffalo milk too.

            Has anyone tried Ristorante Nettuno?
            It looks like it has the potential to be touristy because it overlooks the ruins but I've read some pretty good reviews elsewhere. They're only open for lunch when we are there and I thought it might be a good option before/after touring the ruins.

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            1. re: wired2theworld

              Cant give you feedback on Nettuno, it has a good reputation however .
              if you have a car, all these places are just minutes from each other. You will probably want to take a look at the museum after you tour, which is in the middle of the site away from nettuno.
              By the way, make sure you check the opening/closing hours of the mozz place you visit - we tried to go to one right behind nettuno, and it was closed either for lunch or the day, Im not sure, quite early.