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Jul 18, 2011 09:41 PM

New Mexico Ice Cream?

What's your favorite NM-produced ice cream (or gelato / paleta / sorbet / frozen yogurt / ice milk)?

I know everybody loves Taos Cow, but, to tell the truth, I'm not a big fan. Too sweet for me, I think. I had some amazing Earl Grey Blackberry Sorbet and Chocolate Bourbon Ice Cream at Standard Diner a few years ago, but I've heard that dessert person left and the ice creams are less special-tasting since.

Are there any creative producers of high quality churned and frozen desserts in NM that you especially like?

Standard Diner
320 Central Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87102

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  1. O Gelato in SF (301 N. Guadalupe, across Catron from Bert's, next to Kinkos) is good. My SF office is in that building, and I'll be up there tomorrow - I'll treat if you happen to be in town. :-)

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    1. re: Erich

      +1, excellent gelato, also really enjoyed their biscotti and cookies

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        Thanks, Erich and Andrewtree. And, Erich, what a kind offer! Sadly, I won't be in Santa Fe tomorrow, but will definitely try O Gelato when I'm there next. I hope some manner of Chowdown (waffles? menudo?) works out for the future. Thanks, Ninrn

      2. For gelato, we love Cafe Guiseppe Espresso on Silver and Wellesley. Their chocolate gelato is heaven. I was greatly disappointed on Friday when I stopped by to find they had no gelato at all!!

        Cafe Giuseppe
        3222 Silver Ave SE, Albuquerque, NM 87106

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          Thank you! I'm going to try it before the week's out. Are they open in the evenings?

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            Call to be sure, but I think at least early evening. Also, check to be sure they have the gelato, I don't know why they didn't have it last week, never happened before.

        2. OK, How about non-gelato, straight up ice cream? Anything? And why is gelato so big in NM?

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            Gelato is big everywhere, it is just late getting here, like most things :o)

            As far as ice cream, there aren't any places that jump out in my mind. Most chain places = meh. However, pick up some Blue Bell [NOT Blue BUNNY] ice cream at the supermarket [Albertsons and Walmart both carry it]. It is pretty new in the area. It is really good, a ful 1/2 gallon in the container and can be had on sale for as little as $2.99. The chocolate covered strawberries is really good.

          2. Digging this thread up to leave a note that the Station coffeehouse at the Santa Fe Railyard serves Taos Cow ice cream. I'd never tried it before, but my scoop of lavender was most definitely not too sweet. Delicious flavor, although the texture wasn't quite smooth enough; never having had TC ice cream before, not sure if this is just the way it is or if it was a minor storage issue at the Station or in transit, but either way it wasn't egregiously out of whack.

            The Station is a cool little Italian style coffeehouse anyway. They have a fairly serious-looking Olstoria espresso machine, I need to get back and try their coffee.

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            1. re: finlero

              And another update, O Gelato on N Guadalupe in Santa Fe sadly didn't make it beyond the fall. The premises, I noticed today, are now occupied by Pooch Pantry!

              I like Station coffeehouse, and in the same area the Swiss Bakery and Pastry Shop on S Guadalupe is excellent, they've already extended the indoor seating area and now opened an outdoor area as well. Best pastries in town (IMHO), haven't tried too much else yet. And had brunch at the newy reopened Aztec Cafe. Food and coffee very good, but the biggest change is in the very warm welcome and friendly service.

              1. re: andrewtree

                Not to get all thread-drifty here, but what pastries do you like at SBPS? It's on my way to work, and I've been there a half dozen times, and I have yet to find anything that totally lines up with my personal tastes. Nothing even remotely bad, but everything has stayed inside the park for me. Their (clearly homemade) puff pastry dough seems just a tad heavy and dry, and although I'm usually the one ranting that pastries are too large and too bland (Chocolate Maven), I find these to be both slightly too small for a good breakfast and strikingly high-priced for that size (around 4 bucks). Again, they're anything but bad, just haven't found anything that knocks my personal socks off.

                As a frame of reference, my favorite pastries in town: virtually anything from Cafe 25, cinnamon rolls and danishes from Dulce.

            2. My husband and I were in ABQ last week for vacation, and we stumbled across this wonderful Paletaria on the far east side of Nob Hill. I can’t remember the name of it (Paletaria de “something”) but it’s off Central near Zuni.

              Our party of 4 had loads of fun sipping on aquas frescas and gobbling up a variety of house made ice creams and paletas.