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Jul 18, 2011 08:42 PM

Does anyone know where I can get the long out-of-print "Best 50 Indian Vegetarian Recipes"?

The was one of the short paperback cookbooks published in the early 1970s by Nitty Gritty Cookbooks.

I particularly loved the Kale paneer (or whatever they called it) and their Tamarind/Date chutney which started w/ block tamarind & added only dates and a couple of spices--no extra sugar or vinegar. The Kale paneer was so good that an Indian graduate student dinner guest kept pressing me for the recipe even after I told him that it was probably not for someone like himself who did not like to spend a long time cooking. Though simplified, the dishes used authentic ingredients like whole black mustard seeds--no commercial curry powder. When I had it I didn't realize how rare that combination of simplicity and authenticity was in Indian cookbooks, or that the recipes couldn't be found elsewhere.

I lost it many years ago in a move, and could never find another. I've already tried abebooks,, and Alibris. Even the publishing house which acquired Nitty Gritty has no record or copy of that book.

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  1. Beyond Alibris and Abebooks, "might" have it at some point; you might even find it at eBay or

    I just did a search at eBay and and nothing, but I'd set up a search @ebay and who knows, it may show up at some point. Good luck.

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      Thanks for the suggestions, bushwickgirl, I'll give them a try.

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        Interesting recipe, ROCKLES. The one I half remember definitely started by popping whole black mustard seeds in a dry, cast iron pan and did not contain ginger or use garam masala.

        I guess this is just one of those "you can't go home again" moments, and I've pretty much accepted it. (So many things to cook, so little time.)