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Jul 18, 2011 08:35 PM

TRU or Everest. Which would you pick?

I moved to Chicago a few weeks ago, and I've absolutely fallen in love with this city! When my boyfriend comes to visit from out of state, I want to show him what a wonderful city this is and enjoy a fine-dining experience together.

I'm trying to decide between a reservation at either TRU or Everest. I see from previous threads that there's not much consensus on the best fine dining restaurant in Chicago after Alinea. (We had dinner at Alinea this year and it was, without question, the best meal of our lives. We've also had an excellent meal in the Tatami room at L20.)

Which do you recommend, TRU or Everest? Or am I missing out by not considering another restaurant?

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  1. I think either one is a great choice. Both have fantastic food, with Everest leaning towards French but still with a very contemporary spin. Both have excellent service; the best service I've ever observed was at Everest, but it's top-notch at TRU too. The decor at Everest is very traditional, which contrasts with TRU's contemporary decor; Everest adds the spectacular view looking out over the city from the 40th floor. Both have exceptional wine lists, although Everest's may be the best in the entire city. There's no bad answer here. You might take a look at the sample menus on their websites at and and see if one sounds more appealing to you.

    As for other choices, Duffy is still at Avenues till September, and Spiaggia is still fantastic in an Italian vein. But I wouldn't necessarily choose either of them over the other two. They're all excellent.

    1. Both TRU and Everest are great. Comparing them is like apple and orange. Since you like Alinea and L2O, TRU might be a bit more appealing (modernist/temporary). Other top restaurants in the city are: Charlie Trotter's, Avenues, Seasons, Sixteen.

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        Trotter's has gotten mixed reviews here lately. Seasons... I've been there, and it's good, but the level of creativity isn't comparable with the others. I was underwhelmed by Sixteen, and that's when Frank Brunacci was there; he left last week.

      2. I was at Tru last weekend and I can say that it is as good as ever. We've been going since shortly after they opened. Its had its ups and downs. Particularly after Tramonto didn't seem to be in the kitchen as much (opening other restaurants) but the new chef has things going. If you've just moved to Chicago you'll have plenty of opportunities to hit all of the top spots if you choose.

        Nsxtasy is right, there are a lot of excellent options. I've been critical of Everest (service issues) and either need to go back and give it another try or shut up. I haven't been in a while and plan on making it back soon. I was one of the ones that have been critical of Trotter's. I was there late summer last year and felt that they were sort of going through the motions. I'd be tempted to try out Avenue's before Duffy leaves. But at the end of the day I'd recommend Tru first among those mentioned.

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          I haven't been to Everest, but do agree that Tru is one of the best on the city. On the whole i think the Michelin Guide got it right when it comes to special occasion dining, although Tru belongs with the 2* group and L2O also should be in the 2*.

          Which means i agree with Ria and Trotters 2* rating, which not everyone does. Only been to both once, but the food at both was very very good. I do think the atmosphere at Trotters is very tired.

          However, for me I would do Avenues before Duffy moves on.

          2300 Lincoln Park West, Chicago, IL 60614

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            Thanks to each of you for your input. I've been following this board for years (long before I knew the opportunity would present itself to move here!), and I find Chicago Chowhounds to have great insight.

            I'm leaning toward TRU, but I'm still enticed by Everest and now Avenues.

          2. If the White Sox are at home, it's a no brainer! You get to see the fireworks at Sox Park from the windows at Everest, and it's spectacular. Add in the great food and service, and that makes for a night for the memories. imho.