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Jul 18, 2011 07:35 PM

Looking For Large Cans Of Tomitillos

We own a Tea room on PEI and we serve some Tex Mex food. I am looking for a place to buy can Tomitillos. The closer to PEI the better, but I will travel off island if I have to. Thanks!!!

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  1. Hi Mamgu
    Where on PEI are you? Would love to visit your Tea room since I love Texmex.
    There is a young couple at the farmers market who will have tomatillos soon. I can't remember their names for the life of me but they sell knitted baby things, next to the woman who sells spices.
    I have a few plants in my garden and have embryonic tomatillos on them now.

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      We own The Kitchen Witch in Long River, check out our website .

      We would love more information on where the Farmer's Market you speak of is! I look forward to meeting you and your family.

      1. re: Mamgu

        Hi again Mamgu
        Oops, sorry, I should have mentioned that they are at the Farmers Market Saturday mornings in Charlottetown.I have also remembered that the owner of the booth at the market is Pan Wendt and his spouse/ partner ( what ever is politically correct these days).I spend my winters in Mexico and have lots of interest in Mexican cooking. I will email you on your website a link to an interesting Mexican cooking site you may not have stumbled upon.

        1. re: lovetocookPEI

          Hi Mamgu
          Was in Atlantic Wholesalers Cash and Carry today and they had very large cans of tomatillos for around $16. I don't think there is a Atlantic Wholesalers in PEI but there is one in Moncton. Hope this helps.