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Jul 18, 2011 07:23 PM

Best bakery Hartford to New Haven?

I will be travelling between Hartford and New Haven for business and would like to visit several bakeries/pastry shops on my journey. Looking for quality and innovation in taste and presentation. What suggestions do you have?

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    1. re: brookerme

      I heartily second Neil's Donuts in Wallingford. I used to work near there and am convinced I am 5 pounds lighter after changing jobs. You can't beat fresh warm donuts in the morning, and I am not talking about Krispy Kreme sugar bombs either.

      1. re: brookerme

        second Lucibello's. (note: they are closed on Tuesday's)

        Also, Modern in Hartford is very good.

        Whitney Donut in Hamden, CT has the best glazed, chocolate twist crullers.

        1. re: awm922

          Modern Pastry in Hartford gets my vote - #1 by far (anywhere).

        2. re: brookerme

          Brooker, don't take this the wrong way, I think it's great that you try to help folks, but the endless lists of links that could well have been pulled from google aren't really helpful. How about limiting it to places you've visited and enjoy, and if you've really been to every place you link, tell us how you liked them?

          OP, stop at Elmwood Bakery, they are the best in the area. They even make a mean hamburger roll.

        3. Mozzicatos is the best. The have sweet and savory to die for

          1. My two cents would also add Mangiaficco's in Plainville, right off Rt. 10.

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            1. re: njmarshall55

              Bread and Choclate in Hamden. great breads, pastries, brownies, etc. Also serves lunches.

            2. Almost forgot Sweet Maria's in Waterbury for cakes adn cookies. No bread there, tho.

              1. I agree with the Modern Italilan Bakery in Hartford for all things Italian (Mozzicato's for Cakes and Cookies), followed by Neil's in Wallingford, make a quick stop in hamden to get donuts from Whitney Donut (to compare to Neil's) and Bread and Chocolate, then ending at Marolaine's in New Haven (French Pastry), and Lucibello's in New Haven.