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Jul 18, 2011 06:54 PM

Savory bites for $2 and under

Piggybacking off this list:

They did an alright job, but you know there's more $2 goodness to be had in the broke Chowhound's paradise that is LA. I'm thinking potato balls at Porto's (probably the most egregious omission), onigiri at Nijiya, banh mi at My Dung (filling's not great, but the bread's good), tacos tacos tacos, and why include the kinpira inari at M Cafe de Chaya when you can get blue crab or spicy tuna at Cham in Pasadena for 50 cents less? Or if you're not hungry but just want the best possible $2 bite, there are those oysters at the Hollywood farmer's market...

What else?

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  1. $2.00 for a bowl of 8 won ton & noodles. Tasty. They also have good steam table items. Rice and choice of two items-$2.50.

    Tai Wong (across from ABC)
    711 1/2 New High St.
    L.A., CA 90012

    Tai Wong
    711 1/2 New High St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

    1. I'd also add the spinach/feta croissant at Porto's.

      The spinach or cheese boregs at Superking (when they are on sale it's not a dollar a piece, it's TWO for a dollar!)

      And ohhhhh...... the empanada's at the argentinian store on Colorado by verdugo in Glendale. About $1.40 a piece and quietly spectacular.

      1. Three baked bbq pork buns (less than $2) at Yum Cha Cafe, on the east side of Broadway just north of the freeway, southern end of Chinatown.

        Croissant to go at Amandine ($1.95) on the north side of Wilshire in W.L.A., one and a half blocks west of Bundy.

        Not savory, but the ice cream sandwich on your choice of cookies at Diddy Riesse, in Westwood Village.

        1. Lately there has been another stand setup on York street among the plethora of others.

          It's on the North end of the street just before Eagle Rock blvd located in a used car lot with a white fence across from the CVS.

          The woman who cooks is from a town outside Oaxaca

          They have a few good items but the stand out so far is their red mole tamales.

          A dollar each get some....

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            When does she tend to be there?

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              "It's on the North end of the street just before Eagle Rock blvd located in a used car lot with a white fence across from the CVS."
              The address of this location is:

              Arelis Auto Sales
              4411 York Blvd
              Los Angeles, CA 90041

            2. While it is true that only the tuna one is under $2 ($1.75) most of the others are only $2.25 - so give the O-Mushubi a try at Sunny Blue on Main Street in Santa Monica for an inexpensive and delicious "savory" bite.

              sunny blue cafe
              2728 Main St, Santa Monica, CA 90405