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Jul 18, 2011 06:23 PM

Manassas Va 150th civil war anniversary activities

Is anyone on this board planning to come to the sesquintennial civil war activities in Manassas VA this weekend. We are expecting thousands of visitors, yet I have not seen any reqs for the area. We get so few inquires for this area, I would be glad to help.

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  1. I'm considering it... or the folk festival in St. Michaels on the MD eastern shore. What would you recommend food wise down in Manassas?

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    1. re: burkemic99

      Probably eat better in St. Michaels. OTOH, there are a lot of Mexican joints out on 234.

      1. re: burkemic99

        Carmellos or Panino for Italian, Okra's for cajun are my faves. These are in Downtown Manassas where there are activities primarily Thurs and Fri. They are all small-reservations recommended. The reenactments are on land near Manassas National Battlefield, which is ~10-15miles away. There will be food vendors there, but don't know who. Parking for that is at Jiffy Lube Live, which puts you near Bristow and Gainesville. For casual, I like Blue Ridge Seafood or Tony's NY pizza-a local family owned chain w/ 4 locations in the county. If you want to head west to Warrenton, Iron Bridge is very good. 234 is mostly chains.

        1. re: sherriberry

          I haven't been to Carmelos since the fire, so I don't know how it is now. I'm a big fan of City Square Cafe, which is also in downtown Manassas along the railroad tracks.

          1. re: Manassas64

            I like the refurbished version of Carmello's. The inside is brighter and not nearly as cramped. The menu is more streamlined- one page of apps/salads and one page of entrees. Most pastas are no longer on the menu, but there are more specials offered than before. They also now have an outdoor cafe and bar area in the back caled Monza with a different, more casual menu and wood fired pizzas. Have only had the late night menu at Monza, which is all fried apps, but have heard other food is pretty good.

      2. Are they going to recreate the stampede of gawkers fleeing back to Washington? That would be something to behold.

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        1. re: flavrmeistr

          Oh, yes, they have that well in hand and do it every day -- it's called I-66! ;-)

        2. I would like to go, but $26 for standing room and $43 for a bleacher seat is a bit much.

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          1. re: Ziv

            If you are still interested, today's paper said Sunday only tix are discounted 1/2 price through Use code FPIS. The article can be read on

            If anyone is planning to come early to attend the parade tomorrow, I noticed City Tavern has a sign advertising an all you can eat breakfast buffet for $7.99. City Wquare Cafe is also offering breakfast. I just got back from the Peace Jubilee and most local restos had booths selling food under a tent behind the Harris Pavillion. Judging from the turnout, I imagine anyone worrying about parking should breathe easy. You should be able to find a spot in either the covered garage or the commuter lot two blocks away.
            Just realised-the online tix and discounts are only available until 10pm Fri. There will be a box office at Jiffy Lube Live, though -don't know about discounts, however

          2. any suggestions for Mexican or Tex-Mex in Manassas, Centerville or Gainesville?

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            1. re: antepiedmont

              Manassas -Old School Tex-Mex= Casa Chimayo. Higher end-La Capilla. Gainesville-friends whose tastes I trust like El Vaquero.

              1. re: sherriberry

                I agree with Casa Chimayo - I will sometimes just go there after dinner for the sopapillas.

                I've never seen a single person go in or out of La Capilla and I don't know of anyone who has eaten there and have not heard a single thing about the place good or bad. I'm hesitant to try it.