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Jul 18, 2011 05:20 PM

Restaurant recommendations for 7 days in Buenos Aires

Hey everyone,
I'm heading home to Peru first before being BA-bound. Can anyone chime in with some ideas for great restaurant experiences. So far I'm looking at El Baqueano, Oviedo and Rajare Arevalo for a fancier fare. I'd also love to hit up some traditional places if you could recommend any. Holes in the wall with amazing asados - a must do.
Come to think of it, El Baqueno doesn't look any different from what we could find in the bay area...

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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  1. Hi there are lots of posts for restaurants so you need to search for that. I had done a lot of searching,funny these are completely new names. I just looked up El Baqueano,what a menu! So I think you need to be more specific of what you are looking for.. We just got back this week.
    Our favorites were
    El Almacen de los Milagros.lovely new cuisine
    Fervor, upscale traditional
    Cluny..a bit modern,frech influence
    Tancat,more casual Catalan..
    Juana M-fun,hipper but great food too
    Don Julio traditional nice
    Gran Parrilla Del Don Julio.. very nice.
    tried to get into Cafe San Juan on a Sunday.(busy fair day).but called and they said they didnt take reservations and yet everyone on here says to make them.. went to the door,knocked,they just said no..

    good luck..

    1. I'm going to BA next week for 2 weeks and have done a lot of research on restaurants.

      Some of the places we are planning on going to are:

      - Tancat (tapas)
      - Cluny
      - Amici Miei (italian)
      - Bella Italia
      - La Cabrera (steak)
      - Guerrin (pizza)
      - El Cuarlito (pizza)
      - El Sanjuanino (empanadas)
      - Sarkis (middle eastern)
      - Un Altra Vota, Gelato
      - 647 Dinner Club (steak)

      I've never been to BA before, so I can't vouch for any of these, but the recommendations are all from Chowhound, NYTimest, etc. I will report back after our trip.

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        I've been to BA several times on a steak-hunting mission. My 3 favorites are-
        Cabana Las Lilas (everyone looks down their nose at this place, calling it overpriced and touristy, but it's the best steak I had down there 2 years in a row)
        Estillo Campo (the steak cuts aren't as good as some other steakhouses, but they have these amazing ribs roasted on the spit)
        The Happening (all the locals I was there with on business insisted this was their favorite. I liked it, but not more than Las Lilas)

        That being said, I liked all these better than La Cabrera- now THAT'S the overpriced mediocre tourist food. Don't get me wrong, even a bad steak in BA is good, but I was expecting to be blown away and definitely was not.

        1. re: cactuschowdah

          Thanks Cactus. I will definitely add those to my list.

        2. re: Energy09

          Energy, I am going to BA in October on a mission to find the best non-tourist food there. Please don't forget to let us know your experiences, I'm looking forward to it. Thanks!

        3. Thank you for your great recommendations. I heard seafood is hard to come by, but asados...mmmmm.