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Jul 18, 2011 05:14 PM

Lemon and Triple Ginger Snap Ice Cream :) [from Trader Joe's]

From Trader Joe's.
Worth the exchange for most all that ails ya! Be that G.F. D.F and S.F.

Goes great w/a cupa joe! And, probably w/a drizzle of fine dark chocolate!

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    1. i saw the sign for it last night in my local TJs and did not investigate further because I had no chill bags with me and in this heat it would not have made it home w/o one. I will have to return to obtain some of this ambrosia-sounding substance! ;)

      1. haven't seen this yet locally, but very curious. i have to admit, "ice cream" with gingersnaps that's gluten free, dairy free and sugar free has me wondering what IS in there?

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        1. re: chez cherie

          I read the OP as this ice cream is was worth ignoring DF, GF, SF requirements. I know for certain that the triple gingersnaps are not gf. I bought a package last night. :)

          1. re: jujuthomas

            Right U are Juju!
            Worth the sacrafice!

            1. re: Kitchen Queen

              Oh. Then it's regular ice cream, with gluten, sugar, and dairy. Sigh. Thanks for clearing that up, jujuthomas.

            2. re: jujuthomas

              Ok. I guess I was confused-- one query above indicates a question about dairy free, and the response seemed to be yes, dairy free. In any case, I'm looking for this!

              1. re: chez cherie

                yeah, I don't think they would call it "ice cream" if it were dairy-free. But lemon-ginger sorbet would be awesome.

          2. I gave it ALL up his evening with a large tablespoon scoop over 1 homemade chocolate chip cookie. DBL OMG!