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Jul 18, 2011 04:43 PM

Kosher in French/Italian Riviera?

Anybody have recent experience with the kosher restaurants/hotels in the south of France and Italian Riviera? Heading there for honeymoon and planning to spend time around Nice/Cannes as well as a few days in the Italian Riviera. Seems like there are a bunch of kosher options, including a kosher hotel in Eze but wondering if anyone has been there recently? Thanks.

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  1. We were there last week. Here is a brief rundown of places we visited:

    Cannes has 2 kosher resturants. One is called Tovel other is La Villa (in the Palm Beach Casino)
    Tovel- We highly recommend this grill place. The food is very fresh and very flavorful. Service was very fast and professional. Prices were resonable. If thye weather is nice, grab a streetside table so you can 'people watch' while eating your steak.
    La Villa- Very dissapointing. Beautiful ambience on the water. Food was not flavorful, fresh or up to par with its pricing. If you wish to go, order some drinks and an appetizer and enjoy the view.
    We also stopped in Nice and ateat Leviathan, the pizza is amazing and the other food appeared fresh and nicely presented. It's a great place for lunch, as is the Aquarium where the pizza is also a-one, and will prepare a dish as you like.

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      Thanks for the info! Will definitely be checking them out in a few weeks and hopefully posting a review. Did you happen to hit any of the kosher stores while in Nice? Bakeries? Thanks again!

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        Up the block from Leviathan there is a bakery/sandwich shop called Keter. We didn't eat there, only purchased some baked goods. The baked good we tried were just ok. Not worth a trip, but if you are down the block, perhaps check it out. And if anyone can tell me how to post fotos, I'll be happy to post some on the places I visited.