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Jul 18, 2011 04:19 PM

Tulsa - Downtown Dining

Need some recs for dinner in downtown Tulsa.

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  1. The Holiday Inn on 7th Street is about as downtown as you can get. Just off the lobby is the Boulder Grill and it's really pretty good. I've mostly feasted on the appetizers like Tamale Pie and Pizza Margherita - which might sound lind of blah but are actually pretty amazing.

    For lunch downtown you could do worse than eat at the Atlas Grill in the Atlas Life building on the 400 block of South Boston. If you want a pub that also serves pretty good food - there's McNellies on 2nd Street. Elliott Nelson who started up McNellies has opened a few other places downtown recently - I believe they are good but I haven't been to them. If you have a car I'd suggest a visit to Tacos al Rio Verde for absolutely the best hole in the wall Mexican food - it's in the 300 block of North Trenton - just off 244.

    Rio Verde
    319 E Wyandotte Ave, McAlester, OK 74501

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      Yokozuna is one of the Nelson places I mentioned but have not been to - it has a good reputation. If you're going to venture as far as Brookside you could go a few blocks further South and have dinner at Biga - it has a $20 three course dinner menu that is an absolute bargain - the quality is good and the portions are not skimpy. The current $20 menu includes Caesar salad topped with calamari as an appetizer and salmon with fettuccini as a main course. There is a regular menu too if you can't find what you want on the prix fixe. It's on Peoria around about 46 th Street. At the South end of the same strip mall building is Local Table - owned by the same folks as Biga (Bodeans related) and I believe they do a $20 prix fix too.

      Local Table
      4329 S Peoria Ave Ste 340, Tulsa, OK 74105

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        Just tried Biga last week and it was great! The a la carte menu looked expensive until the waiter told us that the half portions of pasta, all under $10, were enough for a full meal. He was right!

    2. I second the Boulder Grill. Other downtown locations are The Brady Tavern at Brady and Main, Back Alley BBQ in the alley behind JoeMomma's Pizza which is also good. For Sushi you might want to check out Yokozuna's or The Sushi House. There have been several new entrys in the downtown/BlueDome/Brady districts for dining lately. If you want to go a bit afield, Cherry Street is an excellent dining district and there is also Wolfgang Puck Bistro on S Peoria in Brookside which is another excellent dining district. I am sure I have missed some. Oh, crepes at Mod Cofffee and Crepes also has a nice small selection of gelatos besides the crepes in downtown.

      1. If you want gourmet food downtown, your best, and perhaps only, option is Brady Tavern. Grant Vespasian is a fine chef and the dinner entrees are great, though my favorite, roast chicken on a bed of Peruvian potatoes and greens surrounded by a lake of cream sauce fortified with wine, isn't on the current menu. The filet mignon cooked sous vide has a fine flavor, and there's also a huge hearty pork chop.

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          What is the word on Elote? In the old Nelson's Buffetteria building. Rick Bayless protegees.

          1. re: Betty

            Everyone loves it. I hated it. I understand and approve of their philosophy but in practise it meant dry flavorless meat and vegs.

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              Thanks, I thought maybe I had too high of expectations or just didn't get it. I also found it rather flavorless. Things that sounded awesome on the menu just weren't. My friends loved it. I also thought the chocolate dipped raw serrano with dessert was unnecessary and Inedible for the average diner.