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Jul 18, 2011 04:09 PM

Banh mi bread

Is there anywhere to buy good (light, crisp) banh mi bread in Seattle?

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  1. Seattle Deli will sell the bread. Great bread at a ridiculously cheap price. Both their Seattle and Shoreline locations.

    actually any vietnamese deli/bakery should also sell their bread, just make sure to go early before they sell out.

    Seattle Deli
    225 12th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102

    1. Tammy's Bakery/Deli, off MLK at Myrtle almost always had loads of loaves. Q Bakery in the mall with Viet Wah too. MLK at Graham.

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          You can get Bahn Mi loaves in most asian grocery stores anywhere in White Center - there are at least 4 markets I have bought them in. Favorite is Hung Long - bright, clean, new, and has all the other ingredients you would need for home-made Bahn Mi sammies. Also great inexpensive take-out roast duck at their deli!

      1. I second Tammy's Bakery/Deli by the Viet Wah. They are made fresh for much of the day and you pick out the ones you want with tongs. I think they're 70 cents a piece.

        1. pike place bakery (near the fish tossers) has excellent banh mi rolls which they call "long rolls"

          1. I enjoyed a first visit to Q Bakery, which is in the same strip mall on MLK with Tony's Bakery and Viet-Wah Superfoods. The volume of customers for the bread alone was remarkable; the bakers just kept rolling out fresh racks of hot loaves while we sat.

            The sandwich selection is perhaps the best of any banh mi shop in town. The pate/headcheese/jambon combo was delicious, served on hot bread with standard condiments including "house mayo." Except for the most deluxe combo, all of the sandwiches are $3. The grilled and BBQ pork versions were also well-done, with the caveat that the BBQ pork itself was not as tasty as Pho Cyclo's.

            I prefer Q Bakery now to Tony's, Tammy's, Seattle Deli, pretty much anything except the aforesaid BBQ Pork at Cyclo.

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              I second all this. Q Bakery does quite the volume. I've found their banh mi to be good, though slightly inconsistent. As far as value, I think it provides an incredible value. The sandwiches used to be $2.25 too, they upped their prices in the last 6-8 months.

              Pho Bac downtown sometimes has perfect bread, but it is WILDLY inconsistent, though I do like their sandwiches in general.