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Jul 18, 2011 04:07 PM

Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations Macau

Yes this airs later this evening, but it should be interesting.

According to the travel channel website one of the supposed stops is Lord Stow's which lays claim to inventing the Portugese baked egg tart. Lord Stow's ex-wife supposedly went off on her own, and her shop is where Samantha Brown visited on her show's Macau visit.

In the behind the scenes photo (foward to #12 of 13)

we see Tony eating at a street vendor. I recognize blog photos of this beef offal specialist shop, called 楊六記, one of few remaining old school dai pai dong's in Macau. All sorts of parts including eyes, throat, "whip" (ox penis), intestines, pancreas, and the ilk. So it does not surprise me that he pays a visit, but the food does otherwise look good (and cheap too, given the amount of labor going into prepping).

You can find more photos here of this beef offal/beef offal congee stall

Hong Kong food media and bloggers have practically invaded Macau, overexposing once local great low key eats into tourist destinations, which the flood started over a year ago. There are a few other places Tony might have visited, but we'll wait and see.

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  1. IMO it was a pretty decent episode, especially once the opening sequence on gambling got out of the way. Bourdain always seems to do well with episodes set in East Asia. Worth a watch for anyone who missed it the first time around.

    Food looked pretty good. Early in the episode, I liked the crispy chicken skin that was glazed and looked more like pork skin - I'll have to look into that trick.

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      I enjoyed it, especially the food parts. I hadn't realized the Portuguese influences were so prominent. I remember from reading Shogun (one of my all time favorite novels) that there was a very important Portuguese run silk trade between Macau and Japan but that was about the extent of my knowledge.

      1. re: cowboyardee

        He does do really well when he's shooting overseas. His stateside podcast rarely reflect the same passion.

      2. it always amazes me that with all their resources and still they don't even bother doing any research. hey Tony, first of all let's make it crystal clear, pastei de nata was not invented by the 'lord'!

        have tried them at LS and in Portugal and i must say LS's version is meh. too eggy. i don't get why all the praises. mincing my words here. i rather like those from an egg tart bakery in HK (Central) and .they also don't really taste like real pastei de nata.

        1. Liked the episode. Although I'm not a fan of pork chops, I was craving a fried pork chop sandwich after watching.

          1. didnt like it ....very slow paced no real flow seemed to be tossed together and over ten mins was gambling....

            1. It would be interesting to see this back to back with the Samantha Brown episode. I saw it some time ago, and vaguely remember the egg tarts.