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Jul 18, 2011 03:29 PM

Kokorec/Kokorec sandwich?

Does anyone know where one can get a kokorech/kokorec sandwich in NYC/CT?

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  1. Not only do I not know where...I don't know WHAT?! (And Google was absolutely no help)

    edit: Okay, curiosity was killing me and after some digging I found it is a Turkish street food sandwich of spicy sheep intestine grilled on a spit. I'm guessing Cracker Barrel is not a viable option.

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    1. re: CapeCodGuy

      Hehe, Cracker Barrel -- well, maybe if you go to the one in Istanbul :)

      Never tried it, but I've wanted to. I knew a Turkish guy who would start salivating at the mere mention of kokorec. It's street food, like the hot dog or sausage cart here. So I'd look for a Turkish restaurant, one that is more downscale (like a diner) than upscale.

      It may also help to scout out Turkish neighborhoods and communities, to help narrow your search.