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Jul 18, 2011 03:17 PM


anyone been? Any specific recs?

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  1. I recommend patience. On the wrong night, the parking lot can be horrible and/or the Facci staff can be brusque.

    But I enjoy the place, and I'd start maybe with the Italian boat appetizer to share. Then pizzas (like the wild mushroom pizza) and the house-made pastas (like gnocchi at one point, but ask because they only make some of the pasta). Last time I was there, I had a salad topped with a piece of salmon. I thought the fish was delicious and perfectly cooked -- that one step more rare than I let myself go at home.

    1. Facci's decent. They have a good salad involving mushrooms that's worth a taste. The pizzas are all pretty good as well, and are properly sized (single person). Their charcuterie plate is good to share, but a little weak overall in what's included. Their wine list is OK, but they do not specify vintages on the list IIRC which is a blemish if you ask me. But let's face it this is not a rock star wine list either. Their pastas are good, too.

      I tend to go early or a bit later to avoid the crush of the families that swarm the place. Parking sucks because much of the shopping center is restaurants so everyone goes there all around the same time which makes for the mess that it can be.