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Jul 18, 2011 03:08 PM

Savoury sorbets

I am seeking a savoury sorbet recipe to serve with some fairly strong cheeses

. I had originally tried pear and wine sorbet however it was far too sweet and felt it would overpower the cheeses too much (also it had quite a lot of sugar in it )

So I am thinking a savoury sorbet would be nicer. I was thinking an eggplant or maybe even fig. THere is a French (provencal) theme so using typical ingredients to the region would be nice also

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  1. So far I have found:
    Champagne & Saffron sorbet
    Pea & Mint (mint may be too strong)
    Pear & Bitter chocolate
    Goats cheese

    1. Celery. Vegetal but still very clean.

      1. How about a coffee or tea sorbet/granita?

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          That is a good idea, however the dish is also being served with a sprinkling of coffee/almond crumble \. Celery sounds interesting....

        2. Tomato? Can be a nice sweetness to complement the cheese.