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Jul 18, 2011 02:05 PM

Renoir, Derriere de Fagots, Deux 7

Just saw a TV show, some kind of competition. These three stood out, and I'm not familiar with any of them.omments, please.

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  1.'s comments I want

    1. Renoir : looks to be a good hotel restaurant with menu that has everything for everyone (even low? fat/healthy_er items)

      Derriere les Fagot : google does not really report anything about it. web site does not exists anymore it is/was in Laval, about 45 minutes from downtown montreal (on a good day)

      Deux 7 : don't know what this is ??? typo ? or is it "Decca 77" or something else ?

      out of curiosity, what was the TV show ?


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      1. re: Maximilien

        I'm pretty sure Derrière les fagots closed a couple of years ago.

        1. re: SnackHappy

          I have been a few times to le renoir in evenings (but not recently)and always enjoyed the meals and service--they often have special extras for mothers day, valentines day etc. The patio is very busy with this summery weather. Here is an article from new edition of montreal centre ville magazine

          they advertise a high tea for $20

        2. re: Maximilien

          Re the TV husband's notes are almost unreadable. Think it says "Gold Plate competion" on Food Network. Obviously a re-run . could be decca 77. also mentioned some chefs- Derek Dayman, Dave Biroron(?) and Portey(?). Also, where is Ferreiras new bistro? We're getting into town tomorrow(Tues) for a few days. Thanks for any attempts to decipher these notes

          1. re: bigbunny

            F bar is along side of contemporary arts museum and quartier des spectacles where the comedy festival is occuring so that could be a plus or a minus! If you want to check out the free shows at the festival

            The free gag films are fun to watch. There are usually kiosks on site where you can get crepes, quebec cheeses and wine and other snacks.


            Brasserie T is less expensive than F bar and i do see a seafood platter that looks interesting has been added at brasserie t. They offer more rustic/comfort food than what you might expect.

            Reservations right now would be a must because always full at festival time.


            1. re: bigbunny

              don't know where Dave Biron is right now, but his last few restaurants (as a chef, not owner (?)) didn't go well.

              Derek Dammann is from DNA (as far as I know), it's a very nice resturant in Old Montreal.

              don't know what/who Portey is ?

              Winner of the Golden thing was Mathieu Cloutier from "Kitchen Galerie".
              Martin Juneau of the restaurant Newtown won the Gold at The 2011 Canadian Culinary Championships; maybe he was in the list ?

              Feirreira's new place is F Bar near the Place Des Arts, i've heard good thing about it; next to is it Brasserie T (from the chef owner of acclaimed Toqué!).

              Now, get on the web, check them all out and start dialing and make reservations!!! :-)

              1. re: Maximilien

                Thanks Max. Will have my laptop with me & will continue to check postings. Haven't been to your town since Xmas. Anything new in the Plateau area? Is P'tit Plateau still a sound choice?(we love foie gras)

                1. re: bigbunny

                  au cinquieme peche has moved to st denis below mont royal and family members enjoyed a recent dinner there.

                2. re: Maximilien

                  walking up St Laurent this aft, saw La Porte,just below Schwartzs, which must be the Portey my mate scribbled. Any word on it

            2. Renoir is a great place; wonderful local produce, very reasonable prices. New chef from France has major skills. Kitchen not perfectly consistent. Great and cheap market menu rotates. Pastries are amazing. WIne list is going to be revised by new chef. I would put this restaurant near the top for Montreal.