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Mar 14, 2006 05:27 PM

La Huasteca in Pasadena open

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Drove past La Huasteca and it looked open. Anyone been yet? How does it compare to the Lynwood location?

La Huasteca
45 S Fair Oaks Ave



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  1. Where is it on Fair Oaks? I will try it soon and let you know.

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    1. re: Carrilu

      correct. the former Rubys, which was the former Rose City Diner, a few doors south of Cheesecake Factory.

      1. re: kotatsu

        I was hoping it wasn't in Old Town. I and most people from the Pasadena area, avoid it. Going to Old Town Pasadena is the same as going to a mall.

          1. re: Carrilu

            Not entirely. Granted, that block has the Cheesecake Factory, Wokcano and Hurry Curry on it, but Ruby's Diner, formerly in the space where La Huasteca has gone in, was just another one of those fake-nostalgia burger joints like Johnny Rocket's or Ed Debevic's, and now it looks like we've got a real restaurant there. Which suits us just fine, as we love to go to openings at the Mendenhall Gallery and hang out at Johnson Motors, both back in the alley, and it's great to have another choice for good eats right there.

            Your comment reminds me of an old classic: "Oh, nobody goes there anymore - it's too crowded!"

            1. re: Carrilu

              I big to differ a bit, although I share your dismay at the relentless chain-if-ication of Old Town. There are a few unique, independent establishments left, my favorite being El Toreo, a delightful hole-in-the-wall Jaliso-style diner also on S. Fair Oaks. I hope Huasteca's arrival a few doors down doesn't foredoom El T.

              1. re: Carrilu

                I disagree. I and most people from Pasadena frequent Old Town Pasadena. It has a great mix of restaurants and drinking establishments.

            2. Have eaten three or four times recently as La Huasteca,. Many yaers ago I used to spend three months a year travelling all over Mexico. La Huasteca is the kind of superb food that I remember from those trips. While the tacos and burritos we usually encounter (and many in LA are very good and quite authentic)are Mexican fast food, the food at La Huasteca is Mexican dining. It is the knid of restaurant I find in many places in Mexico with middle and upper class Mexican familes eating moles and superb seafood in a relaxed setting with excellent family-style service. We have been making a point of eating there every chance we get and introducing others to it. It's off Colorado on a quieter street and is in a large building with presumably high overhead. We are hoping it will make it and are doing our best to support it. I'm looking forward to trying the breakfast one day, since I fondly rememeber heuvos rancheros and other breakfast dishes on lazy Sunday mornings in central Mexico.

              1. Tried dinner last night at La Huasteca for the first time and enjoyed it. They have a very reasonably priced prix fixe 5-course dinner right now for ~$28. Started with a good chicken enchilada in mole, a great huitlacoche soup, salad with pumpkin seeds and tangy dressing, and chicken in pipian sauce. The chicken was flavorful, but I would like to try the fish option which a dining companion had that looked fantastic. Dessert was fresh fruit slices between very crispy pastry pieces.