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Jul 18, 2011 02:01 PM

4 Days in Atlanta (with a wedding in between)

Heading down to Atlanta for the first time, looking for breakfasts, lunch, dinner. Definitely interested in a BBQ meal, also something nice and local w/o being too heavy or traditional-southern focused. Also, moderate budget (around $20/plate at a nicer place), or cheap for breakfast lunch.

Thanks in advance for your tips - excited to explore the fair city!

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  1. Where in Atlanta are you staying?

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    1. re: larkemon

      One night at the Westin, the others near the old theater (Fox?) that is rented out for events.

      1. re: Jel212

        Bkfst at silver skillet on 14th--terrific food in an old timey place thats for real Buckhead diner for lunch/dinner--make sure to get thye bluecheese chips-- i always get the veal meat loaf--i know it sounds weird,but its very good--if not the snapper is always good
        i like Einsteins on JUniper--its a cool fresca dining and will meet your budget.If you just want a really good burger go to the Vortex--its a wild place,but interesting

        1. re: bobstripower

          Thanks all! Einstein's was fantastic for brunch...omg had a salad and the "small plate" with egg and corned beef which was f*cking amazingly melty and fatty. (thanks Bob!). Had BBQ at Fat Matt's and was checking bags so could bring home a jar of sauce. I'm a rib gal, but the bbq chicken won my heart. We had one late late dinner at Top Flr which was pleasant. The beet salad with goat cheese was heavenly, the rabbit with pappardelle could have been done better - a little heavy without the delicious taste you want if you're going to go heavy. But great atmosphere (if a little loud) and happy to have that kind of menu at that kind of hour. And one lunch at Taco Del Sol...holy sh*t I needed that throwback to CA tacos - coming from NYC we have nothing like that. And fresh, unique and classic (if that makes sense) and the price was right. I would have easily gone back if not for the filling morning-after brunch for the wedding.

          Top Flr
          674 Myrtle St NE, Atlanta, GA 30308

          1. re: Jel212

            your welcome--could tell from your accent your from NYC--im a native from Pelham Bay in THE Bronx