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Jul 18, 2011 01:32 PM


I live in Mar Vista and would like to be able to purchase fresh raw duck eggs in a local market in my area, like Santa Monica, Culver City, West L.A., Westwood, Brentwood, Beverly Hills, etc. I cannot drive to Pasadena or Chinatown or Sun Valley or any of the other far away locations I have found through Google.

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you. :o)

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  1. They have certainly had them at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market in the past. That would be my number one suggestion.

    Santa Monica Wednesday Farmers Market
    2nd St and Arizona Ave, Santa Monica, CA

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    1. re: Servorg

      Really?? Geez, I was there last week. LOL.. Where? That place that sells hen eggs? I'll have to check. I got there very last last Wednesday and everyone was packing up and getting ready to leave. I got my organic strawberries from the guys off the truck. They had already packed everything. ;o) I arrived too late to get anything else....

      1. re: Oupsie

        Early is where it's at for the farmers markets as you are competing with many of the local chefs who feature market driven menus at their restaurants.

        1. re: Servorg

          Yeah, I know that, but I am disabled and it takes me forever to get ready and go there. Then I have to find a parking place for my big Subaru that has an external lift on the back, that holds my wheelchair. Then I have to ride the wheelchair usually several blocks to the actual location. Yeesh.

          I have a much easier time going to the Grandview farmer's mkt. a few blocks from my house on Sundays in Mar Vista, I ride my scooter there, don't have to worry about parking or anything, BUT that farmer's mkt, doesn't hold a candle to the Santa Monica Wednesday one! :o)

          Thanks for the suggestion and I'll try to get there a LOT EARLIER this Wednesday!!

            1. re: Servorg

              LOL! Have you checked out the price from $54 for 18 eggs! Thanks for the tip, but I can't afford that. ;o) I'll check out the farmer's mkt. and if not available there, guess I'm just gonna have to give up.

              BTW, I have a friend in Sheffield England who buys them in a local mkt. for under $4 a dozen. *sigh

    2. There is a farmer from whom I buy all my poultry, eggs, etc, and they sell at the farmers markets. They have ducks so I assume that they have eggs (at least available by special order). The farm is called Healthy Family Farm.

      I just checked the web page and I don't see duck eggs listed.

      You could stop by their stand at the Sat Santa Monica farmers market on Arizona--they are at the end of the market away from the ocean, and on the South side of the street. Ask for Victoria--she will know whether duck eggs can be special ordered. That might be the quicker way than emailing them, to find out if you can get those eggs!

      Hope this helps!

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      1. re: sablouwho

        I just emailed them, asking if they sold duck eggs at any of the farmers mkts. anywhere on the Westside of Los Angeles. Let's see if I get a reply. :o)

        1. re: sablouwho

          Well, went to SM farmers' mkt this morning and found the guy who sells duck eggs, but they were long gone. I asked if they have them every Wednesday and he said no - it's hit and miss. ;( I guess if I want them I will have to leave my house at 8 am and get there right when they open, on the chance they may have them. Yeesh! ;o)

          Here's a pic I took...

          1. re: Oupsie

            Well perhaps it would be easier if you just drive over to Silver Lake and get them there? Not all that far away:


            1. re: Servorg

              Thank you! I called them! I asked if they have duck eggs every day. She said YES and she said open 7 days a week. Duck eggs $1 ea. :o) Also, their Yelp ad says they are wheelchair accessible. YAY!

              1. re: Oupsie

                If you hadn't written this sentence in your original post that began this thread

                "I cannot drive to Pasadena or Chinatown or Sun Valley or any of the other far away locations I have found through Google. "

                this would have been my first recommendation to you... ;-D>

                1. re: Servorg

                  Well, I really shouldn't drive this far, but at least I can get to this place on surface streets going down 3rd St or Beverly Blvd. China Town is even farther and Sun Valley and Pasadena are out of the question, I am driving on an amputated foot and have severe spinal injuries. Long trips in the car are quite painful and the freeway is out of the question, I am dragging an external lift on the back of my Subaru, with a battery operated wheelchair on it. LOL I'm quite a site to behold, bouncing down the street over bumps, etc. ;P I really try, whenever possible, to stay in my neighborhood, but one time, this is worth a shot. What the heck, ;o)

                  China Town
                  10935 Magnolia Ave, Riverside, CA 92505

                  1. re: Oupsie

                    Even with all those hurdles I am betting a sure "one and done" mission to Silver Lake is less daunting than a two or even three mission trip to the (albeit closer) SM Farmer's Market.

                      1. re: Servorg

                        Guess where I went today? ;o) This is my Duck Egg Veggie Frittata. All ingreds. except the eggs are organic. It was delicious! The veggie filling; sweet onion, portabello mushroom, celery ribs and leaves, 3 kinds of ripe bell peppers (chocolate, purple, red), a slightly hot pepper (don't know the variety - pale green),Japanese eggplant, yellow summer squash, along with fresh garlic, parsley, black pepper and other assorted herbs and spices. Topping; roasted tomatillo salsa, mustard, reduced sodium tamari, habanero hot sauce and sharp cheddar cheese.

                        1. re: Oupsie

                          Glad it all worked out for you and hopefully the Chow Team will move your post with photo over to the Home Cooking board where a much larger horde of hungry folks will be able to enjoy your recipe...

              2. re: Oupsie

                Oh, the guy in the photograph works for a different vendor than the one I was referring you to as Healthy Family Farms (whom I know for a fact raise ducks and therefore I assume they must have eggs, though probably only by special request) aren't at the Wed SM market--they are only at the Saturday one--I will probably be there this morning and will ask them if they have ever have duck eggs so hopefully you wouldn't have to drive too far next time to get some.

                I am glad you were able to make your omelette, though!

                1. re: sablouwho

                  I doubt I would go to the Saturday Santa Monica one. I went there a couple years ago, a couple of times - the parking situation was horrendous ( I imagine because of the close proximity to the Promenade and the mall, etc. ) and the market was waaaay smaller than the Wednesday one. I really don't think the Saturday one is worth the hassle, but thanks for the suggestion.

                  I'll try to get up early, every once in a while, to go to the Sunday one, and if they have the duck eggs, great.. if not, it won't be a wasted trip, because they have so much great organic produce. :o)

                  1. re: Oupsie

                    Aaak! I meant to say I'll try to get up early for the Wednesday one, not the Sunday one, Sorry.