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Jul 18, 2011 12:53 PM

How many paletas recipes are there in "My Sweet Mexico"?

If you own a copy of Fany Gerson's wonderful "My Sweet Mexico," would you kindly please tell me how many paletas recipes it contains?

Gerson has a new book out, "Paletas" which I have just nominated for August Cookbook of the Month (COTM),

But now I'm wondering how much overlap there is between the two books. Since MSM is older and more comprehensive from an overall sweets perspective, I'm wondering if I should retract my nomination and nominate MSM instead.

According to EYB (eatyourbooks), Paletas has 50 recipes. Unfortunately, EYB hasn't indexed MSM yet so I have no idea how many paletas recipes it contains, and, therefore if it has enough paletas recipes to be viable for August COTM.

Thank you!


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  1. "My Sweet Mexico" has 4 recipes specifically listed as paletas and 5 listed as ice cream.

    "Paletas" has recipes for other things in addition to ice pops, over a dozen aguas frescas, and several raspado recipes.

    My own person al opinion would be to chose "MSM".

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