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Jul 18, 2011 12:48 PM

Princeton, Flemington, Atlantic City - move to Philadelphia forum?


There is currently a discussion on the Site Talk forum about the boundaries of the Philadelphia forum. It has been suggested (see ) that Mercer, Hunterdon, and Atlantic Counties in NJ, which include the towns in the title of this topic, should be considered part of the Philadelphia forum, and not part of the New Jersey forum.

I would encourage Chowhound residents of those counties, and those who frequently post about restaurants in those areas, to express their opinion regarding which forum you would like your area to be part of - the New Jersey forum where such discussions currently reside, or the Philadelphia forum where it is being proposed to move them. Please do so in the Site Talk forum rather than here; you can do so in the discussion of the boundaries of the Philadelphia forum at

Please don't get angry at me for communicating this. It was not my suggestion. Wherever those who live there prefer to see their topics/posts is fine with me.

  1. I would keep mercer and hunterdon in NJ.

    1. All of those counties should absolutely remain on the NJ forum board.