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Jul 18, 2011 12:35 PM

restos near Hotel Vernet


We will be in Paris for three nights at the end of the month staying at the Hotel Vernet, located at 25 Rue Vernet. Please tell me your favs in the area, we want to take in the French cuisine. Thanks for the help...

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  1. You are staying in Expense Account Central, prices are at least double what you will find a few metro stops away. A few lunch menus may be available at a reasonable price, but why settle for that. But if all you want are Michelin stars, you won't have to walk far.

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    1. re: Oakglen

      Which metro and what are the names of the restos? Need not eat at that costly area..

    2. As Oakglen states, you are in a rarified area, expense wise...Le Cinq, Plaza Athenée, Taillevent...if cost is not a concern you can have some of the best French cuisine available close by Le Vernet. Perhaps you might try Citrus Etoile or l'Arome for something less stellar, or somewhere like Petit Retro for an even more casual, affordable experience.

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      1. re: Laidback

        Please not L'Arome unless you want the American in Paris experience: overpriced soulless food, annoying service.

      2. You are within walking distance of Caius and Caius Zinc on rue Armaillé or Akrame on rue Lauriston, all good and not outrageously priced.

        However, I have no idea if any of these will be open during your stay. I'd check and reserve now.