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Jul 18, 2011 11:15 AM

2011 SA Restaurant week August 20-27-What's on your wishlist?

List of participating venues ( ) is increasing since I'd last checked Culinaria's website. A lot of old faves that I wouldn't mind revisiting are on the list but I was hoping for something from Chef Weissman or Restaurant Gwendolyn to be on the list.
Does anybody know anything about Romo's Cafe or have opinions on the Ostra (ex Pesca at the Watermark- all their other SA ventures seem to have imploded...we really miss the beer dinners at Pavil!)

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  1. With all the hype about Romo's in the Express news and on Savor SA, I was hoping for something wonderful. No chance. I took a friend there for her birthday lunch and was very disapponted. Firstly, you order at a counter, then seat yourself. There were three young ladies behind the counter,doing what, I don't know since only one was taking orders. You have to get your own water/drinks and they had no iced tea. Really! In Texas! In July! The featured sandwich was Bahn Mi, which I ordered. Mistake. I think the sandwich was around $6, but was so skimpy on the fillings that I felt cheated, even at that low price. My friend had the Carolina pulled pork sandwich and it was very tasty, though they should put something on the plate other that just plunking down a bun with filling. We shared their "Duck Fat Fries" They were tasty, but they were barely warm. At $4.00 for an order french fries, I really want them hot and I want lots of them. As I said before, I thought the servings were skimpy. The place has NO charm or any kind of decor, other than several flat screen t.v.'s one of them showing a loop of what's supposedly going on in the kitchen. I looked into the kitchen and nothing was going on in there regardless of what was on the screen. The people are very nice and I wish them well. I have a feeling that Ed Tijerina of the Express News and the folks at Savor SA are hight on these people because he is a gratuate of CIA, San Antonio. I think it's wonderful that he wants a restaurant in his own town, but they need to offer more than they are offering now to make a go of this place.

    I don't know anything about Restaurant Gwendolyn, but I hope Pavil can keep on going, as I've
    had lovely meals there. What is going on with that group? Whatever was in the old Reggiano's building closed really fast and Pavil changed from a "bistro" to a "not much" in the blink of an eye.

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      Just so you know Pavil has been closed for a while, it's quite unfortunate. I've heard there's something else moving into Reggiano's old building, but I have no idea what as of yet.

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        Thanks for the review on Romo's, I rarely get out to the far NW side but there seem to be a fair number of folks visiting SA that are looking for non-chain venues near Sea World or the Hyatt resort. Our two visits to Gwendolyn have been excellent, service and wine list much better on repeat trip this month, that being said, it is a $70 prix fixe at night (good value for the $ IMHO) so it's in the "special ocassion" category.
        Was sorry to see Pavil go, really enjoyed their beer dinners and new chef. When he returned to NOLA, I figured they wouldn't last too long.

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. Gwendolyn's probably the most underwhelming meal I've ever had, and I wasn't expecting much. Plain as plain can be. Coffee was terrific, though.

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            Sorry to hear that about Gwendolyn's, I've been meaning to try it. Really no where that replaces Le Reve for a high-end tasting menu.

          2. Only a couple days left in RW, so it's almost a moot point but I was wondering if any feedback on this year's options would shed light on places worth finding or revisiting. My personal choices have left me wishing I'd made other selections at times.
            I purposely avoided favorites (Lodge, Biga, Luke, a couple others) that I go to twice a year or more anyway. On a different note, as much as I enjoy Yardhouse or Lion&Rose, there it's more about beer and atmosphere than food.
            On to my impressions...
            Grill at Leon Springs-Good, not great. Had to get manager to find RW menu. Salad overdressed and wilted. Wagyu, Salmon, and Clafoutis were very good. Service OK, kinda got an "old folks" vibe in the dining room even though it was Saturday at 8. Bar/patio crowd a bit younger.
            Palm-Never been before and expected great, got meh.
            Ruth's Chris-After Palm experience, was wondering if all high end steakhouse chains had slipped. The answer here is a resounding NO. As good or better than last visit in 09. Nothing new or photo-worthy on menu, but sometimes you're just looking for consistency.