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Jul 18, 2011 10:43 AM

Avi Glatt?

I'm hosting my family (six all together) for Shabbos in Manhattan and was considering ordering in both Shabbos meals but did not want to pay Manhattan kosher take out prices but without sacrificing decent presentation and taste. I heard about something called Avi Glatt which is based in Brooklyn but has free delivery to Manhattan. i was curious if anyone had ever used them and what they thought. Thanks.

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  1. Avi Glatt is right off of Kings Highway and, I believe, East 9th. They have a large supermarket, takeout, and a nice selection of meats. You can also try calling Kings Highway Glatt, on the corner of East 2nd and Kings Highway, Seuda on East 7th (I think) and Kings Highway, I & D Glatt on Avenue P and East 5th (I think), Glatt Mark on Kings Highway and East 9th.

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      How do they compare to Glatt Mark on Ave M? I order from them every week but am willing to give another place a try. I'm looking for a combo of quality and low price. Thanks.

    2. Used Avi Glatt earlier this summer for food delivery to a somewhat remote (in terms of getting kosher food) area. Last summer we used them for a similar situation, and were satisfied. This summer, less so. We had a problem with our coupon code, and when we asked them to use one code instead of another, they said they would, but when we saw the charge on our credit card, they did not use the code that we requested they use. We had asked for whole wheat rolls, but said substitutions were fine (because last summer we ordered a certain brand of hot dogs, which ended up not being available), and they only gave us white flour rolls (it was a few bags of them). You'd think that whole wheat rolls would be a staple that a kosher grocery store wouldn't run out of. One of the bags of rolls had expired a few days before the shipment went out. Not a big deal if you're going to use the bread within a day or two, but if you're relying on the rolls for the duration of the week, it's annoying (they got moldy toward the end of our time there).