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Jul 18, 2011 10:26 AM

Food Recommendations in and Around Fletcher/Brevard, NC

Will be going up to Brevard for some of the Music Festival and would like some recommendations on where to eat. I know there are some good bakeries in the area and probably at least one recommended Ice Cream place near Pisgah Forrest.

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  1. Are you going to Fletcher too? Was a little confused about including both in your title as the towns are not really near each other? And nothing of note in Fletcher except for a very good basic breakfast at Kosta's (they do lunch and dinner, but I've only had breakfast there). Oh, and Blue Sky is good for lunch.

    For Brevard, Dolly's is always our go-to ice cream place. On 276 at the entrance of Pisgah Forest. Fun flavors and atmosphere.

    I have not eaten dinner in Brevard probably a year, but The Quarry was very good last time we were there. Marco's has gotten decent reviews (I didn't care for it, but we went right after it opened, probably two years ago - it might be much better now). Hobnob is always nice (next to Marco's). Both have outdoor seating. There is also Dugan's for your typical pub food and atmosphere. We used to really enjoy Jordan Street Cafe, but we haven't been since they reopened after a fire a couple of years ago. Reviews online are still good.

    If you want a good bakery and are in the Hendersonville area, make the trip to Flat Rock for Flat Rock Bakery. They are the best in the area, in my opinion, unless you go into Asheville to City Bakery. They are good too. Brevard has a couple of bakeries - Bracken Mountain and Blue Ridge, but I don't know either of them well enough to recommend them.

    Hopefully, someone has some more current experiences to help you out. here are some links:

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      Hobknob closed a few years ago FYI, we know the owners. A shame, we had some nice intimate dinners there

      1. re: whatsfordessert

        it's not closed. it changed owners at least once though.

    2. There is a gelato place in Brevard that's not bad. I think it's called Kiwi, or something like that...the owner is from New Zealand.

      Pescados burritos is a respectable place to get a casual made-to-order burrito. There's also a decent Thai place in Brevard...the name is escaping me...but i think it may be the only one in town. Also decent sushi at the entrance to the forest called Sora. (think big Americanized rolls) All the fancier places in Brevard have been disappointing, but the two Scirocco mentions do have very pleasant outdoor dining areas.

      Flat Rock Village Bakery is worth the drive...about 25 minutes , I guess , because of 2 lane roads. Bracken Mountain is not bad...haven't heard of Blue Ridge. Where is that, S.?

      265 N Broad St, Brevard, NC 28712

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        Blue Ridge appears to be much farther down Broad (400 South Broad Street, Brevard, NC). (828) 883-8444 seems to have lots of fans online as does Bracken Mtn. Bracken Mtn is the one I've been to and I've been pleased with my purchases, but I still like FRB much better.

        I had mentioned Pescados then deleted it because when I went to see if it had a website, I saw It has not gotten great reviews lately. I guess newish owners who reportedly have lowered the quality, which used to be great! I loved it (their fish burritos were wonderful), but haven't been in probably 2 yrs. Have you been lately? Is it still good in your opinion?

        I think Pad Thai is the one you are thinking of. decent reports, but I haven't been. very small I think?

        Sora is pretty good - same owners as Umi, but I think Umi is better. But, certainly good if you're craving sushi rolls over that way! (btw, they have phenomenal specials during the winter months - BOGO - Umi does not have that)

        Is the gelato place the one in the alley across from Sq Root? I haven't tried that one. Coming from Mills River, we just stop when we hit Dolly's!! haha granted, it's not gelato though!

        I agree with you on the fine dining. Haven't been blown away by any of the them, although I will say our last visit to the Quarry (maybe a year ago...hmmm or maybe two??!) was very good. Our first visit was not.

        Have you been to Marco's? Curious if they were better since our first try. It just had NO flavor. The descriptions sounded wonderful, but all the dishes disappointed. Not horrible by any stretch, but didn't live up to the descriptions. Hobnob has always been "good" for us. it's changed owners a few times too, so there is always some change in the dishes and quality, but overall, it has been fine.

        For Brevard, these are all decent options. Brevard is not a foodie town, although I will say they have a lot more choices now than 5 or 6 years ago!

        1. re: Scirocco

          Yeah, I've been to Pescados only once since the new owners. It's not as good as it was, but I think it's still a decent choice for Brevard.

          Yes, the Thai place is very small, I've only gone there when I could eat outside. I think it's pretty good if all you want is a chicken curry w/ rice. I don't think the menu is very broad. I saw a staff member eating a whole fish with cilantro going everywhere once, but upon inquiry, it appears it was not on the menu. bummer.

          We went to Marco's once for lunch. I have very little memory of what I ate and it wasn't that long ago. This leads me to beleive it was neither good nor terrible. ;-)

          Yeah, the gelato place is across from square root. Does Dolly's make their own ice cream? I just always assumed it was a generic place. wait, never mind, I don't need anymore ice cream.

          265 N Broad St, Brevard, NC 28712

          1. re: danna

            I don't think Dolly's makes its own ice cream, but they do mix their own flavors (if that makes any sense). They are famous for their camp flavors (each has different things mixed in and bears that camp's name). We go just because it's convenient, cute and fun to sit outside and eat. So reminiscent of summer ice cream places up in New England, which I miss. :-)

            good to hear about Pescados.

            I have heard good things about the Thai place. I suspect if you know what to ask for, they'll make it even if it's not on the menu if they have the ingredients (although you said they wouldn't make the maybe not?). The woman who owns it has cooked in people's homes for parties/gatherings when the restaurant is closed and her food is reported to be very good.

            1. re: danna

              Well...let me reply to myself, in case I ever get the urge to go to Marco's in Brevard again. It's terrible. My husband had remembered our previous visit as terrible, and warned me...but I wanted to sit on their pleasant patio in the nice weather. Which would have been fine (once we waited a LONG time for the server to clear one of the 4 un-bussed empty tables. Except that we had to get food.

              The sandwiches were on hard bread (note...pressing bread that was already stale doesn't really help) , our server let us sit for a LONG time before giving us menus, even after she knew how long we waited for the table. So when I told her we were hungry and would she bring out bread, she said yes, but she'd have to charge $4. My husband spend the meal refilling our water glasses from a pitcher left on another table. More stuff I won't bother to write. It was some of the worst service I've ever had, which normally I don't care that much about, but this was bad enough to interfere w/ enjoying what little there was to enjoy at Marcos. I had to apologize to husband and friends I dragged out there. Argh!

              1. re: danna

                Give Square Root a try. I had an excellent burger there Saturday night and it was medium rare, as ordered. They're in the alley between Main & Jordan. A few tables outside. Nice chocolate shop there too.

                Square Root ~

                1. re: NANCY

                  *sigh* I think my friends would rather have gone there. We've been to Square Root once or twice and I just found it kinda so-so...but after Sat, I've come to appreciate mediocre. I'll try to remember about the med rare burger....that's a trick to find. thanks!

                  1. re: NANCY

                    interesting you said that because I was just about to ask if danna had tried Square Root recently. I had thought it was very mediocre so quit going after the first year. But a friend of mine said she had been recently and it was much better than before. I always liked the space and was thinking about trying it again after she said that, but wasn't sure if I wanted to "take one for the team" or not. :-/ good to know about the med-rare burger too.

                    danna, sorry to hear about Marco's. I had the same experience you did and gave up on it. Too bad. I like the front porch.

                    1. re: Scirocco

                      Like you, I had quit going to Sq Root about a year or so ago. About 3 months ago we needed a quick dinner and are not a fan of Dugan's so we ended up at Sq Root. Have been back several times and it's all been good - especially on Monday or Tuesday nights with half price wine.

                      1. re: NANCY

                        you that I think about it, Scott from West First mentioned that the one in H'ville (just around the corner from him) was getting a new chef that he thought highly of. I didn't really put the two together, but maybe this guy has influenced the Brevard location as well.

                        We'll give it a shot.

                        1. re: danna

                          They're totally different restaurants. Sq 1 is h'ville. Sq Root is Brevard. unless you were just being funny... :)

                          Was the Sq 1 chef new as of a month or two? I think the guy from Flight was the last one I'd heard of and I think he owned it when the original owners sold. Do you know where the new guy is from? I've never been too excited about Sq 1 before (although it's had moments here and there), but it's been sold at least once, so maybe I should try it again...?

                          1. re: Scirocco

                            Holy Cow, I'm not only forgetful, I'm just downright goofy in this thread. I just assumed the two were related. It's the one in H'ville that Scott was talking about....I guess...who can trust me now? ;-) I would say it's been maybe 3-4 months ago we were told that. I remember at the time West First was closed (we always get to H'ville between lunch and dinner) and we actually went to Sq 1 and were unimpressed, but also unsurprised because Scott had said he didn't think the new chef would have had time to change the menu yet. sorry no better info.

          2. Marco Trattoria an Hobnob are both very good restaurants in Brevard. Both have extensive menus, well-prepared food, and attentive service along with nice atmosphere (especially if you sit on either porch). If you need a bakery in that area, Flat Rock Village Bakery will not dissapoint. A few more minutes on the road will take you to West First Pizza in Hendersonville, owned by the same guys as FRVB, and if you're willing to drive to Fletcher, you'd be better off driving to Hendo.

            1. So to be more specific.. We are staying near the airport (which I believe is Fletcher) but a lot of our travel is to Brevard to attend the Music Festival and meet with a friend working there. I don't foresee a trip into Asheville this time around, but I think we will venture back into Pisgah and hit Graveyard Fields for a hike. Don't know about going to Hendo for just the bakery unless there are good restaurant Recs there for a Sunday Afternoon. I do recall eating in a place at a strip mall there that had this popular chef big guy with a beard. Can't recall the name of the place though as we went to apple fest afterwards.

              Bracken may do just fine. I know there is a Twin Dragons chinese buffet but it is a typical chinese buffet. I just know it is there because it is almost impossible to miss driving by it.

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              1. re: burgeoningfoodie

                If you're staying near the airport, then you are very close to the Arden location of 12 Bones (on Sweeten Creak Rd.) you should google it.

                1. re: danna

                  Ooooo, yes!! Forgot about 12 Bones! Blueberry chipotle ribs...Mmmm. Be sure to check their hours though.


                  I've also had surprisingly decent Mexican at Elena's at the intersection of Airport Rd and rt. 25. And the scary looking taco truck at the Citgo (before that intersection) has really good food too. When we did our "food truck throwdown" last year, it was the winner.

                2. re: burgeoningfoodie

                  Oh ok, re: the airport stay. Ya, there's not much over that way. All chains. We do like Acropolis for pizza, not far past the Target shopping area, on your left in a strip mall. It's very basic. Kosta's is over on rt. 25 and might be worth going for breakfast if you don't get it with your hotel or if you're tired of the hotel breakfast. :)

                  If you want to grab food to take on your hike, stop at Poppies (kind of like a tiny Earthfare). It's past Twin Dragons heading toward Brevard, on your right before hitting the chains. It's past your 276 turnoff for Pisgah, but worth the stop I think if you want a good picnic.

                  Sundays are slim pickings everywhere around here, but you can eat at Flat Rock Bakery too (GREAT pizza, sandwiches, soups, salads, nice outdoor eating area), so you could pick up bakery items and eat there. Might be worth the drive?


                3. The Crazy Donkey is in the small strip next to a Walgreen's across from the Enmark Gas. Very good, honest Mexican food. Some of the best I've had. Known for their tres leches cakes.

                  Crazy Donkey Mexican Grill
                  108E Chestnut St, Brevard, NC 28712

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                  1. re: rbohan

                    For convenience near the hotel, which sounds like one of your main concerns for some meals, the Thai Restaurant "Tamarind" is at the airport exit of I-26 and I think it is good (only eaten there three times but nothing has missed yet). It is a bit hard to find in sort of a dead strip mall down below a huge array of box stores, just ask. As context, I really do not like any of the thai restaurants in Asheville, am not easy to please in this department, coming from having lived in Seattle where the 20th best Thai place is better than everything in Asheville.