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Jul 18, 2011 09:59 AM


an old friend is unexpectedly dropping in next week and his new wife (a) uses a powered wheelchair and (b) is of thai heritage and speaks the language. as both are very food-centric, i need help locating thai restaurants both physically accessible and not too distant from pike place market where they'll be staying. using light rail allows me into the ID but my own tastes do not run to thai cuisine so my knowledge is quite limited. thanks in advance for your advice.

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  1. Howard, Wild Ginger should meet your needs. (While it is not popular with local Chowhounds who feel its "too commercial" the food is generally excellent--especially the scallops.) I also think their twists on Thai food might intrigue your guests. A second, more classic choice would by Ayutthaya just off Broadway on Capital Hill.

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      And we truly look forward to comments by your guest on Wild Ginger.

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        No offense, Howard, but I hate being dragged to McDonalds, Hard Rock Cafe, and the like by well-meaning hosts when I'm abroad out of a misguided sense that I'd be more comfortable in an "American restaurant." I follow the golden rule here and try to avoid taking my guests to places I imagine to be like home for them - unless they've explicitly asked for it (no one has, yet.)

        On the off chance your guest has specifically requested such, the only Thai food worth a damn I've had in Seattle has been at Thai Curry Simple in the ID. Lunch-only, Monday-Saturday. (I specifically recommend Saturday as they have more unusual dishes.) However, accessibility may be a problem. I can't recall whether it's a ramp or 2 steps up from the front door, but the entrance is certainly not wide. Might want to scout it first.