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Jean-Georges Steakhouse or Prime?

polk4tds Jul 18, 2011 09:31 AM

I'm having a 10-person dinner for my bachelor party this fall. I was set for Prime Steakhouse but have also heard great things about the newer JG Steakhouse (whose head chef came from Prime). I've read plenty of reviews comparing each one to other steakhouses, but never to each other. Any suggestions?

Also, what time do people typically go for steak? Would the later seating be more appropriate after a long Saturday?

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    gweilo RE: polk4tds Aug 30, 2011 10:37 PM

    Having tried nearly all the 'name' steakhouses in town, I can say that JG was the WORST I have been to in years. I felt like I was eating in a nightclub and the steak wasn't cooked correctly and the service was horriffic.

    Prime is much better (prices similar), although I do feel they have slipped in the last couple years.

    Carnevino is nice, but their service is sloppy and the atmosphere not to my liking. You're practically eating in the Palazzo mall.

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      bruceter RE: gweilo Aug 31, 2011 06:30 AM

      Cut or Craft. Also had Carnevino. Understand what above post says, my service was actually over the top Of the three, i felt Craft was best. Excellent sides. Anyone have a fourth for ME to try?

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        palmdoc1 RE: gweilo Aug 31, 2011 02:37 PM

        Agree with gweilo, if those are your two choices. Ate at JG last week, steaks were bad, apps were bad, and service was the worst we've had in recent memory. It is hard to believe the two places are related. Prime 100%, nicer room as well.

        If it is your bachelor party, plan around 830-9. A nice dinner will finish between 11-12 most likely (assuming cocktails, apps, wine, etc.). That's perfect for nightlife whether it be nightclub or that other kind of club. Congrats

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          Bran808 RE: palmdoc1 Sep 1, 2011 10:03 AM

          I had a great experience at Carnevino and the service was great! The funny thing is that I ate at the bar too and the bartender was awesome. He knew the menu well, offered some recommendations and always stayed on top of my drink needs. The steak I had was cooked perfectly and seasoned well. My only gripe is that I'm a Ribeye kind of guy and they only served a Ribeye for two.

          You may want to look into n9ne steakhouse @ the Palms. The night I proposed to my wife, I had dinner reservations there afterwards. The service was excellent and everything we had that night was on point. I was very impressed. They worked with me on getting a dozen roses delivered and rose petals set up on the table. They also comped us this HUGE marble slab of dessert choices ( I think like 5 or 6 different ones and some cookies and stuff too). They were very accomodating. The vibe of the room is very hip, loud, and not stuffy at all. Then it's just a short elevator ride up to the roof to check out Ghostbar or Playboy Club to get the night started. Just a thought...

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            birdsandtogs RE: palmdoc1 Sep 14, 2011 10:22 AM

            We were at JG for a bachelor party as well. I thought the apps were okay, but the steak was borderline horrible. Quality of the meat was subpar, a little stringy. I got the ribeye, btw, instead of the Resto Week offer they had.

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