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Jul 18, 2011 07:24 AM

Best grocer in or near Chatham

Diverse group of people. 2 small children, one adult vegetarian, 2 adults who will assume summer in New England means lobster and grilling. I haven't been to the Cape in years. I know there are Stop and Shops scattered, but a general web search of Chatham grocers turns up Tedeschis and Cumberland Farms in addition to the one Stop and Shop. Any suggestions (as the eldest statesman/uncle aside from the aging patriarch who is paying for the rental and travel for all on the trip I assume I will be in charge of provisions).

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  1. On the trip down we always stop in Hyannis at Trader Joe's and stock up on staples and snacks. We are in Truro so can't help with Chatham.

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      There is a place where A&P once was.... My DSM loves the meat. Also x from Delmar is a cheese and wine shop. Lastly, I cannot wait to try Gustares Oil and Vinegar on Main St. Chatham Seafood..

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        Phelana, we finally stopped @ Gustares Oil and Vinegar 2 weeks ago and be forewarned - If you walk into this place and taste the assortment of oils and will be hooked and you will be back! On the days we dont go to the beach we now have light lunches with french bread and olives from the olive bar at the Harwich Stop and Shop, the oils and vinegars from here, and the 6 or 7 year aged cheddar from the Chatham cheese.
        It's past the Mayflower Shop and Chatham Squire (on the same side of the street), heading toward the ocean.

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          Where on Main St. is Gustare's Oil and Vinegar?

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            .....and how does it compare to the place in Mashpee Commons or Nomo's in East Sandwich on 6A??

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              I have been to Momo's in E Sandwich and love her store which has a mix mash of stuff....but according to my friend, Gustare's is specializes in oils and a fine wine shop

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                That's what I thought. I just found out that Gustare's has another store in Mashpee Commons, but I have no personal experience with it.


      2. There is but one grocer in Chatham, The Chatham Food Market. No Stop and Shop or other supermarket. I suggest you bring some of your provisions in and then supplement with the local fish mongers, farm stands, bakeries, specialty stores, and the like.

        1. There's a fairly large Stop and Shop in Harwich, just a short drive from Chatham. For fish and seafood, try Chatham Fish and Lobster on Main Street.

          1. In Orleans just north of Chatham the Friends Store is pretty good. Has a wine section and a butcher shop.

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              AGM, great to recommend Friends..the owners are awesome..I love supporting small local business..knee..cannot wait to get some oil and vinegar..wowww

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                So we will be ok if we plan well and hit up all the smaller local joints it seems. Looking forward to it. Thanks for the help.