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Jul 18, 2011 06:52 AM

Best chow IN Logan Airport?

Hi folks - tried to search for a recent thread about food available in Logan Airport and did not see any...

So am inviting you to weigh in on the best places to grab a bite in the terminals...

I'll start by giving a shout-out to UFood (UBurger-affiliated) in Terminal C - past security, down the long hall and to the left - right takes you to the Dunks which had a long line -

The UFood breakfast sandwich came with a fresh cooked egg, turkey bacon and cheese on a toasted english muffin - delicious, fresh and $4, which was surprising given that most places hit you with teh markup.

Moreover, the folks working there were just about the most pleasant people I have encountered behind a counter in our fair city - I suspect they flew in from parts unknown to work the shift.

So if you find yourself taking JetBlue, definitely worth it to get chow from them.

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  1. As a frequent business traveler, this is a subject in which I am well versed!

    There's also a UFood location in the American Airlines wing of Terminal B. Quite good.

    When flying Jet Blue, I'm a big fan of the tortilla soup at Wolfgang Pucks. They top it with goat cheese and cilantro. Yum! The Wolfgang Pucks is on the other side of Terminal C from UFood. Is the connection between the two sides done yet?

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    1. re: VintageMolly

      If you have the time head over to Salvatores. It is worth the short cab ride and it has the best pizza and lamb in Boston.

      1. re: libertywharf

        You must mean Santarpios. Savatores is neither close to the airport or all that tasty.

    2. UFood is affiliated with UBurger? Really? I have never heard that before.

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      1. re: Gordough

        Yeah, I don't think that's true...

        1. re: emannths

          I stand corrected. I mistakenly assumed that the "U" prefix denoted affiliation.

        2. re: Gordough

          UFood used to be a local operation called Low-Fat, Know-Fat. It was much better at that time, IMO. Now it is slowly evolving into your typical fast food chain, including airport locations.

          UFood is not affiliated in any way with UBurger.

          If you don't have time to grab food before getting to the airport it is the lesser of many evils at Logan, and not very enticing otherwise.

        3. We often fly Jet Blue, and usually end up at the Wolfgang Puck's. The tortilla soup is quite good, as well as their breakfast pizzas, and non-breakfast pizzas.

          1. I know it's not very chowish, but we usually end up at Boston Beer Works or Harpoon when we're in Terminal A. Something about being in an Airport requires I have beer and a hamburger.

            Boston Beer Works
            61 Brookline Ave Ste 2, Boston, MA 02215

            1. The purest expression of airport dining can be found in the Terminal B post-security food court, with the asian place that serves the two item combo with lo mein or fried rice. Something about food court chinese food in an airport just does it for me...mmmm, bourbon chicken, that ancient delicacy of the Chinese emporers, available to me, a commoner.. imagine that..