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Jul 18, 2011 06:46 AM

Best place for steak in Bergen County, NJ?

I want to treat my steak-loving husband for his 40th birthday. Somewhere upscale, just the 2 of us. Will be midweek. Money no object as it's a special occasion. Quality of steak is most important factor but somewhere that has good service and a quiet atmosphere (not a flashy "Real Housewives" type place) also key.

Would appreciate any help with making final choice. It's probably between the following, but also open to any other suggestions:

- River Palm (Fair Lawn or Englewood - which is better?)
- Capital Grille (Paramus)
- Mortons (Hackensack)
- DelMonico (Cedar Grove, outside Bergen I know but I've heard good things)

Thanks so much :)

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  1. Check out Regina's in Teaneck. The restaurant is smaller and pretty intimate. The food is delicious and they will help make any dinner a special one. The service is wonderful.

    I am unimpressed with River Palm, though we usually go to the Mahwah location. It's loud, impersonal and while the food is good, it is not stellar.

    Since two of the places you mention are at malls, I am thinking that the visibility of the restaurant is what is drawing you to them. Overall, I feel chain restaurants are fine for some things but the better service and experience is usually found at the place where the owner is overseeing the staff and customers directly.

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    1. re: jerseydiner

      No its's not the visibility of those restaurants at all - it's Zagat and friends recommendations. I hate chains and mall locations but people raving about them has made me think I don't want to miss out on a good steak just based on location prejudice.

      Thanks for your suggestion I will look into Regina's (I had discounted it as I read a really bad review on Zagat recently but good to hear more input)

    2. The River Palm Terrace......the Edgewater location is a regular spot for me. I've never had a bad meal there in over 25 years.

      The Capital Grille has many consistency issues concerning the kitchen....this comes from a person I know who is working there in the front house, however, they are currently doing a wine tasting promotion that seems very interesting and may be worth the trip on that option alone.. I personally like Morton's, but the steak is better @ RPT.. Sorry to say, but I have heard more negative, than positive about Del Monico's.

      You may want to consider these two places as well,

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      1. re: fourunder

        Thanks for your detailed advice, kitchen concerns are my number one worry so I think Capital Grille is off the list, maybe if it wasn't a landmark birthday I'd give it a gamble.

        I was thinking RPT in Edgewater but have concerns over parking. Husband just purchased a new car so we'd be nervous to park it on those busy roads.

        Thanks for the suggested alternatives. I will look into those too.

        1. re: lou_1977

          The River Palm Terrace has Valet Parking, or you can park on one of the side streets up on the hill.....away from River Road.

          btw, unless things have changed, Regina's does not offer Dry-Aged Beef.

          1. re: lou_1977

            Another btw......if your husband is into wine, Fleming's, also in Edgewater, is another place similar to Morton's and Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.


            1. re: fourunder

              Wow thanks so much for the help fourunder. Sounds like all of those choices are great. I have a tough decision by the looks of things hehe

        2. Take tommy's advice when he responds. This man KNOWS steak!

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          1. re: menton1

            I believe it! I will definitely follow one of his recommendations - just not sure which one hehe

            1. re: lou_1977

              It falls short of your criteria for good service, possibly even upscale, but the best Beef in Bergen County may actually be at Prime & Beyond in Fort Lee.


              Prime & Beyond
              501 Main St, Fort Lee, NJ 07024

          2. While the Fair Lawn location is closer to me, I too, prefer Edgewater.

            1. Wondering where lou_1977 ended up for husband's birthday. Also looking for same kind of birthday place though not nec steak.......Considering Regina's. Also heard of Luka's in Ridgefield Park.Any comments? Thanks.