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Jul 17, 2011 10:54 PM

Quincy Adams T Stop

Anyone know of some good spots near the Quincy Adams T Stop (within a few miles) for some good eats? Meeting a buddy of mine who loves a solid burger and pint of beer...

Going this evening, if possible to get any quick ideas


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  1. Your best bet would be to head to Quincy Center. The Fat Cat does a good burger and has a nice beer selection. Other options might be The Fours or the newly opened Remicks.

    Fat Cat
    24 Chestnut St, Quincy, MA 02169

    1. The immediate area around Quincy Adams is a restaurant dead zone. The T stop is wedged into a corner between the expressway ramps and the train tracks.

      There are many more options in Quincy Center near the Quincy Center T stop. I second Pegmeister's Fat Cat rec, which is only a couple of blocks from the Quincy Center stop plus it is usually fairly easy to find parking.

      Fat Cat
      24 Chestnut St, Quincy, MA 02169

      1. Remick's, also in Quincy Center, has a good burger. I have also liked some salads and a pizza there.