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Jul 17, 2011 10:41 PM

Mickeys Pizza for deep dish lovers. Worth the drive to Clarkson.

Ever since the sad day CPK shut down for some unknown reason, I have been searching for a replacement. I really loved CPK. The pizza and those melt in your mouth bread sticks. Spiro can not be replaced but Mickeys Pizza in Clarkson can sure hold its own. Wow. What a fabulous pizza they make. What a specialty store if I have ever seen one. Lol. I placed my order by phone... I went for the King Dragon Deep Dish. 2. One spinach and one pepperoni and sausage....and an order of garlic bread. After my order was placed they actually called me back to say they ran out of garlic bread. lol.

The guy inside Mickey is a nice guy. I picked up my order and was greeted by Mickey. We made small talk while my order was being finished. The pizza is fantastic here. Lots of toppings, an easy to eat crust, and the dragon dip is fantastic. 3 slices and I am stuffed. The quality of the toppings is also of a high grade. They load this thick. The bottom of the crust is bread like and thick. The pizza is well put together and you can use your hands. The spinach specialty pie is amazing. Loads of gooey cheese and spinach. The food was great and very filling. I am a new fan and I am happy to have found a place to satisfy my deep dish crave.

2 drawbacks. 1) The glass pop bottles are not twist open. My bad for being too lazy to get a bottle opener, I actually cut my finger trying to use my fork to open it. 2) This place is not too delivery equipped. I asked him about the possibility of a delivery to Oakville. He didnt take to that.

But the pizza was so good, I will drive to pick it up. Lol. Not as gourmet as CPK...but a solid and thick delicious pizza that will satisfy the crave.

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  1. Hi..just as a note, unless you have raving reviews about them, don't call them to give feedback as they do not want to hear it. Wasn't overly thrilled with the doughiness of the pizza and did not stack up to the ACTUAL Chicago Pizza I had years back..which I still rave about even travelling several times to Italy. Sandy the lady who took my call wasn't thrilled I wasn't fawning over her pizza and putting words in my based on her attitude and not the product I will never do business with them again..product was decent, I like thick dough pizza like Palermo Style (but round not square), but toppings were a little light for the high price paid and higher expectation.