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Jul 17, 2011 10:35 PM

Grated Onion--A Qualitative Difference?

On a whim the other day, when I wanted onion flavor in a simmered dish, I grabbed the box grater and did some rubbing.

Upon tasting, I thought: This isn't just a little better than minced; it's a LOT better."

Anyone want to agree, disagree, disabuse, explain, expound, ponder that this may be a difference in *kind* rather than *degree*? Seems that way to me.


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  1. I've never tried grating before--what a great idea. Did you use the same amount that you would have if minced? It seems like grating might release more onion "juice," and be stronger is using the same measurement. Definitely going to try this out.

    1. Yes.

      On occasion I'll grate some onion (and as mentioned above, if using a std . box grater, it's really onion pulp and juice as the final product) into my smooth Sunday red-sauce (aka gravy/spaghetti sauce) when I don't want noticable onion bits or if putting a peeled half onion in might yield too strong of an onion flavor.

      I also use the same method when I make my sauce for my currywursts on a crusty roll.

      While sauted' onions may result in a greater depth of flavor, when you want the bite or freshness of raw onion but do not want visible pieces or have diced pieces too large where they may be unsavory if bitten into whole, grating is the way to go.

      1. I've done this when making ginger sauce or when I want onion but no detectable onion bits.

        The taste depends on the onion; I've had better success with Vidalia and other sweet onions than the plain yellow ones.

        1. I've been grating onions now for a while after reading it in a recipe for the dressing of a Vietnamese tofu and cucumber salad dish.As jjj said,it imparts so much more flavor in meat sauce and indispensable in most Asian dressings and dips.

          1. There was a Mexican restaurant we used to go more than 40 years ago and they served a salad of chopped iceberg, grated jack cheese and a salad dressing with grated onion (I think they called it "onion juice.") I remember it as being wonderful.