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Jul 17, 2011 10:06 PM

Three solo dinners in Las Vegas?

I get to Las Vegas about 2x/year and am always looking for terrific places to eat. I am very bummed out about Rosemary's was one of my favorites. On my most recent visits I've had terrific meals at La Cirque and so-so meals at Sage and L'Atelier. I'm looking for a few new (for me) places for my visit next month. Although I don't mind dropping $150 or so, I don't want to spend the money to eat at Joel Robuchon's. Also, I really like eating at a bar or chef's counter when I'm by myself, but this is not essential. I will be staying at the there anything great there? Elsewhere, I'm thinking about Picasso, Delmonico, Bradley Ogden and Bouchon. What would you recommend for 3 great dinners? Not interested in Jose Andres restaurants...we have two near where I live.

3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Bradley Ogden
3570 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

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  1. Raku (Japanese grilling, off-Strip) for sure. Sit at the chef's counter. It'll cost you way less than $100, unless you do the special kaiseki menu. The regular menu was totally fine for me.

    Also, I highly recommend CUT steakhouse. I think there's a CH thread about Delmonico that the only reason to go there over other LV steakhouses is for the bone-in ribeye. I last went 5 years ago, so I can't confirm that belief. I remember having a great meal there, though.

    I recommend Michael Mina in the Bellagio as well. Get the lobster pot pie (signature dish) if you go and you can thank me later. Unfortunately, I haven't been to Picasso, Bradley Ogden, or Bouchon.

    I dined solo at e (Jose Andres' restaurant within a restaurant inside Jaleo), but as you said, you're not interested. Also, it cost me ~$250 with a few drinks.

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      Thanks for your recommendations. Unfortunately after an absolutely dreadful experience at CUT, Beverly Hills (see my post towards the bottom of this thread: I will never cross the threshold of a CUT again. An off-night for food is forgivable, but rudeness is not. What other steakhouses in Las Vegas would you recommend?

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        Sage actually has beef from Snake River Farms, the same places that CUT and French Laundry/Per Se get their beef. I had the NY Strip there a month ago when I last visited and that was fantastic.

        There's Delmonico for their bone-in ribeye. There's also Carnevino, Batali's Italian steakhouse. They also have these "riserva" steaks that are dry-aged for like 9 months. I haven't tried it (they didn't have it available that day when I went), but apparently, they have a bleu cheese taste. Their regular dry-aged is good. Unfortunately, I can't speak of the other steakhouses like Jean Georges, the steakhouse in Circus Circus (yes, a surprise to all non-locals!), SW Steakhouse, etc. Also, I've heard Lawry's is great for their signature primed rib.

    2. Deepfry7 is spot on Raku, CUT, and the Lobster Pot Pie would be a great trio. I would suggest Nob Hill over MM because you can still get the Pot Pie and the settings better IMO. Plus they make a great Cable Car.

      The Cable Car was created in 1996 as a signature cocktail for the Starlight Room, a stunning nightclub and cocktail lounge atop the historic Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco. Its name comes from the geographic location of its house of origin … One of the city’s landmark properties, the Sir Francis Drake is located along the world famous Nob Hill cable car tracks, and its Starlight Room is affectionately referred to as the lounge that can be found “between the stars and the cable cars.”

      Although a perfect selection for thawing out after a crisp evening’s cable car journey, this is a cocktail worth hoisting whatever the occasion. It has been some time since I left San Francisco, but this wonderful tipple lives on – rich, smooth and delicately spicy, the Cable Car found a home here in Las Vegas where it quickly grew in popularity, winning Bon Appetit Magazine’s 2002 Drink of The Year.

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        chris, besides knob hill, where can i get a good cable car in las vegas?

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          Bellagio the executive bar manager was the one who created the cocktail at the Starlight in SF..He brought it to the Bellagio.

          The mix they use is hand blended V.S. out of a bottle . One of the best drinks on the planet.

          The bar at Bellagio I usually have one is called the Fontana bar if that helps I think its between Jade and Le Cirque but that's going on memory.

          3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

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            i believe the fontana bar now is closed. i usually have a martini at the petrossian bar. i'll see if they can make a good cable car.

      2. Definitely check out PJ Clarkes in the forum shops and Nobhill in MGM. PJ Clarkes has a dry aged Meyer Ranch New York that is worth checking out along with great burgers and tater tots. The bar is also fantastic. I usually hit up Nobhill later for a snack but the short ribs and the lobster pot pie are outstanding.

        1. I've had very good dinners at Mundo sitting at the bar. It's off strip, downtown in the design center.

          1. Since I will be staying at the Encore, and really enjoy wonderful fish, I called Bartalotta and inquired about dining solo there. They were strangely unaccomodating, telling me pretty much that they really do not serve fish for one...all of their fish are sized for two or more persons, and pretty much told me that if I wanted fish, I should look elsewhere!