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Jul 17, 2011 09:50 PM

Cold River Vodka

Does this fit within the Chowhound confines? I want to here what you all think about Maine's potato vodka, both regular and blueberry. It's pricey, so need to know how it is before I bring it home.

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  1. One suggestion -- a number of restaurants/bars stock it. Why not order a cocktail with it and try it out that way before investing in a bottle? I'm not a huge vodka drinker, but we did buy a bottle and I will enjoy an occasional Cold River cocktail. I've only ever had the regular.

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    1. re: OgtMimi

      It seems to me that its not very consistent.....

      1. re: irwin

        Irwin -- is the quality of the vodka inconsistent? Or were you referring to the availability of it in restaurants/bars?

        1. re: MissLori

          I found the quality of the vodka very inconsistent.... I had some potato vodka in the Hamptons, and it was excellent. This Freeport made vodka needs to be drastically improved.

    2. Tours/tastings are available at their location in Freeport.

      1. I know you are looking for chow in the Midcoast...if you've now also moved into the spirit world, you can check out Sweetgrass Farm Winery & Distillery in Union.

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        1. re: MidCoastMaineiac

          How is the wine? Not a whiskey drinker, but I do enjoy vodka so was intrigued to find out there is some locally-made.

          1. re: MissLori

            They have more than just whiskey (gin, bitters, vermouth, etc)...though doesn't look like they have vodka. Can't speak to the quality, haven't had it. I've had wine from Cellar Door in Lincolnville and Oyster River Winegrowers in Thomaston...and they both have some that I would definitely call "drinkable". You can go get a free tasting and see if you like them...

        2. Cold River Vodka is a good potato vodka: a bit sweeter than a grain vodka with a full-bodied creamy mouth-feel, quite smooth. It's also made from scratch (read: farm-to-table), which in my book makes it immediately worthy of support. Responsible drinking?

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          1. re: aufgehoben

            I would consume a product first and foremost due to its tasting good. "Farm to table" may be an added benefit, but it would never be the sole basis for my purchasing a product.

          2. Let's just say, it's different enough that you either like it or.............
            If your trip to Maine takes you by the New Hampshire Tax Free Liquor Store, they sell it in miniatures. Otherwise, as others have suggested, order it at a restaurant, or have a tasting at the distillery - though, if you don't care for it, that could be awkward.