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Jul 17, 2011 07:48 PM

Good pupusas in the East Bay?

A really good Salvadorn restaurant and Bakery opened in the past few months.

San Pablo: Susy's Bakery and Deli – Pleasing pupusas and gorgeous geletinas

It seemed to me that these were the best pupusas I had tried in the East Bay. Its been years since I did a pupusa crawl, so I revisited a few places to see if that was true. It was. Susy's makes the best local pupusas.

Here's some other places I tried in the past few days in order of preference

San Pablo: El Tazumal Salvadoran Restaurant revisited

Richmond: Pupusas revisited at La Bamba

Skip, skip, skip the pre-made pupusas at Las Montanas

I haven't revisited others joints such as Kaliente (which was in my old #2 spot) or Las Americas (only 99 cents but all I remember about it was the smell of lard).

So where are other good pupusa joints?

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  1. eh ... forgot the photos
    1. Susy's
    2. El Tazumal
    3. La Bamba
    3. Las Montanas

    1. I don't have a whole lot of experience with papusas but I'm always happy the ones they serve at Tamales Mi Lupitas on Foothill.

      Tamales Mi Lupitas
      3340 Foothill Blvd, Oakland, CA 94601

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      1. re: 10foot5

        2nd this, though I prefer the sitdown restaurant vs. the truck.

        you can really taste the loroco

        1. re: 10foot5

          My sister really likes Mi Lupitas.

        2. This may be a strange spot but I like the ones inside the at the Coliseum swap meet. Actually, I think most of the food there is good - definitly an uphill path over the last few years.

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          1. re: tomatoaday

            I agree! The first time I tried them at the swap meet, I had the combo which had everything: beans, cheese and chicarone. Delicious. Second time went back because the first was so memorable. Not quite as good as the first time. They had put the cabbage on top and that had made things soggy. Lesson learned. I found these better tasting than the truck on International (forgot the name).