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Uses for a salad spinner other than the obvious

I just got a kitchenaid salad spinner ultracheap at a garage sale.

Are there any other uses for it than drying off salad greens?

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  1. They're great for drying off fresh basil,cilantro,mint any leafy herb that needs a good washing.

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      Well that's better than spin dryng my wife's panty hose.

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        Well I guess you could still use it for that as well :D

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          Uh, maybe dedicated spinners for each purpose?

    2. When I make ratatouille I salt the eggplant and zucchini to draw off a lot of fluid. I do it right in the strainer of the salad spinner so that it's free to drip through. After it's had a good salty rest, I rinse it in the same stainer and then give it a good whirl in the spinner to get it as dry as possible. Then I finish it up by pouring it onto layers of paper towel so I can get a nice brown when I sauté it.

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        you beat me to it - i thought i was the only one who used the spinner for drying salted eggplant & zucchini! does a great job.

      2. I use it to wash vegetables like a laundry washer. Put the vegetables in and fill it up with water. Then spin and stop, spin and stop. At least I tell myself that it is washing the vegetables.

          1. It's great for rinsing and drying canned beans and shrimp after brining.

            1. totally non-food use, but do you have kids? Makes great spin-art, and if you use food coloring instead of paint, you can wash & reuse for salad. (Hey, at the time I was desperate to entertain 3 small kids & couldn't leave the house!)

                1. I sometimes use it to remove excess grease from fried foods.

                  1. I use mine to drain tuna sometimes.

                    1. I use the dome portion, inverted, to cover a rising pizza or other dough on a floured counter. I can see through the clear plastic as the dough rises, unlike with most of my other big bowls.

                      1. I washed and thoroughly rinsed a blouse and wanted to get it spun before throwing in the dryer--my washer does not have a spin only cycle--so I used the lettuce spinner. Did a great job. Then I gave it a quick wash and put it away to continue its life as a salad spinner.

                        1. You know how you're supposed to rinse dry beans and pick through for small stones? I would think the spinner would do both.

                          1. I actually use it for the salad when the dressing has been added. It evenly coats and gets rid of excess. I wonder if you could use it for nuts? I do a lot of hiking. I love nuts but only very lightly salted. I tumble them in a small strainer to get the excess salt off.

                            1. I clean my latex paint brushes in one.

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                                        A multi-purpose tool. I also wash my grand kids marbles in the spinner; does a great job.

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                                    I hope you don't have a septic tank!

                                  2. one that hasn't been mentioned yet - a quick whirl (just a pump or two, no more) helps drain some of the excess cooking water that gets trapped inside hollow pasta shapes.

                                    it's also great for drying out leeks after they've been cleaned.