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Jul 17, 2011 06:06 PM

Meredith, NH

We are heading there in a few weeks. Are there any great restaurants there? We love food and we will also be with our dog. Any restaurants do not have to be dog friendly, that would just be nice!

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  1. Lucky for you! Any of the common man restaurants in that area are good - - there are lots of different types of restaurants in that family and all are within a reasonable driving distance from Meredith. Meredith has Lago's (personal favorite), Camp, the Docks (ice cream and lobster pound - and may be dog friendly on the deck). Lago's and the Docks are right on the water -
    Have fun!!

    1. have a blast, I know this area pretty well and my favorite is a couple towns over in ctr sandwich is the corner house inn, also fabulous lobster roll in cntr harbor across from the beach @ Sam&Rosys, I enjoy Largo best of the Common Man places in Meredith. Also Church Landing has some great dishes, awesome views. Another great one in cntr harbor if like asian/fusion is Lemongrass. Great diner food in meredith is George's diner. Another awesome place if you get over to gilford is The Lyons Den (awesome lakeside views but everything is great here).....and best burger/casual is Elacoya Bar/Grill also in gilford. Have a blast

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        Thanks to both of you! I read about The Common Man and Lago and that sounded good. Lago also allows your dog to join you on the deck for dinner. I look forward to it! I heard that area is beautiful and good food makes it even better!

        1. re: Alica

          Follow lexpatti's advice and go to Ctr Sandwich to The Corner House Inn. One of the best. Just follow Rt 3 to Holderness and turn onto Rt 113 until you get to Ctr Sandwich. It's a beautiful drive and well worth it.

          Corner House Inn
          Main Ctr, Center Sandwich, NH 03227

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            Totally agree about Corner House Inn being worth the drive. There's something for everyone on the menu, all of it superb. We always have trouble narrowing down the entree choices, but we always start with a cup of their Lobster Mushroom bisque. You can dine in one of the cozy, romantic fireplaced rooms, or head upstairs to the pub, which always seems to be hopping whenever we've been there. One of these days maybe I'll manage to leave room for dessert. I've lived in the area for nearly 30 years, yet I still haven't made the drive over to Sandwich Creamery. A visit to Center Sandwich is like stepping back in time.

            Corner House Inn
            Main Ctr, Center Sandwich, NH 03227

            1. re: beaner2

              Yes it is. We lived there about for about 5 years. Always have to go back when we're in NH.