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Jul 17, 2011 05:50 PM

New Pancer's Deli

There's a Pancers Deli sign up at the newish plaza at SW corner Major Mack and Dufferin

Was that a mirage?

(hope NOT!)

Comments invited

Thanks in advance


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  1. Pancer's Deli Emporium
    9960 Dufferin St, U 12, Maple, ON, L6A 1S2

    1. It is in fact a new venture by Lorne Pancer. I'm sure the commute to the old Pancer's was hard on Lorne. It's clear, though, that the deli business is in his blood. Lenny Gould, who bought the old Pancer's from Lorne told me about lorne's new place a couple of weeks ago. The people of Richmond Hill are lucky to have a branch of Pancer's for themselves !!

        1. re: toronto guy

          I recall going to Red Pancer's in the 1950s. I think it was near Eglinton and Victoria Park.

          Anyone remember this place?

          Victoria Park Restaurant
          335 Durham Market St N, Kincardine, ON N2Z1Z4, CA

          1. re: Herne

            My earliest Red Pancer memories are date stamped mid 1960s

            The deli was across the street from Vic Tanny's at Bathurst & Joicey - now a CoffeeTime


            1. re: toronto guy

              Both Herne and toronto guy, who recall Red Pancer's delis from the '50s and '60s respectively, seem to be older than I am (something I didn't think was possible). Because my first memories of Red Pancer's are from the '70s onwards, when there was a Red Pancer's deli in a plaza on the east side of Bathurst St. just south of Steeles Ave. W. At least, that's my recollection, though the '70s are starting to seem a little fuzzy nowadays - memory grows furtive with the years, I suppose. Still, I recall a damn good joint. Incidentally, there were two branches of the Pancers in the deli business. The Pancers of Red Pancers, I recall someone telling me, were cousins of the Pancers of Moe Pancers. Moe Pancer begat Stan Pancer begat Lorne Pancer, who may have a tough time in his new digs competing up that way with the firmly established and wildly popular Centre Street Deli - which is a destination deli for anyone north of Steeles with an urge for a good pastrami sandwich.

              1. re: juno

                As I recall I was sent there to get lunch for a Pharmacist who employed me as a delivery boy. I recall a slight red headed gentle man wearing an apron siting at the counter whom I believed and still do was Red Pancer himself.

                1. re: juno

                  Juno, you are correct that there was a Red Pancer;s in that plaza south east corner of Dufferin & Steeles, it was excellent dine in or buy meat take out priced and sliced by the pound!!

                  1. re: juno

                    I remember the one at Bathurst & Steeles and another in the Golden Mile Plaza on Eglinton E in Scarborough of all places. My memories of Red (& Harv?) Pancer's delis are not good ones.

                    FWIW, Centre St doesn't sell pastrami - only MSM straight from Lester's. I don't see Pancer's Pastrami (I think it's Chicago 58 with added spices) and Lester's MSM as the same thing.

                  2. re: toronto guy

                    ...and currently being converted to a Starbucks.