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Two weeks in Nice

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Headed over at the end of this month to a house just outside of Nice for a much needed vacation from LA with the inlaws/cousins/nieces/nephews/husband/son etc --- going to be a wonderful house full of people.

We're going to have access to a car and want suggestions for where to explore with my husband (and where possible, our nearly 3 year old son who loves to try all kinds of foods).

Looking for:

- restaurants places not to miss in Nice (read about Flaveur, sounds like one to not miss), esp off-the-beaten path places where locals go

- where to find the best cheeses, bakeries, etc

- great food excursions within an hour or so drive (the more adventurous the food, the better)

- vineyards

Any/all advice. My husband and I are avid home cooks and will eat virtually anything.


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